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Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update


Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

When will the Samsung Galaxy Note I717 be able to receive the Jelly Bean update? I have been having so many issues with my phone right now, after I got the ICS update. Thanks

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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update are very relevant. When i heard much old phones were getting Jelly Bean i felt the same...hey buy this flagship device but we decided not to do updates. I thought Rogers was no longer supporting the Note and had no plans to update..only reason i am asking is because maaz said Rogers is slated for the update in May...Maaz where did you see this info??
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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

I appreciate your tenacity, but if your like me you probably realize that AT & T nor Samsung has any reason to release and update to the original Note. Samsung has taken over 1st place in the smartphone war and Apple has not (nor will it respond) with anything Android users care about. With that said may I suggest that you do like me and QUIT AT&T!!! As soon as my contract is up I'm going to go with a prepaid plan, I have already purchased a new phone and will taking it along with me to either virgin mobile or T mobile, either way I'm done with paying over 175.00 a month to a company that doesn't care about it's customers. That include Samsung as well, if you want to stay with this company for whatever reason I'd suggest switching to HTC where at least they offer the latest android updates. Good luck in your wait...I'm willing to bet anyone $100.00 that jelly bean will NEVER come to the OG Note, any takers respond to this post and I'll pay up via pay pal; that's how confident I am in the fact that YOU WILL NEVER SEE jelly bean on the Galaxy I717

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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

Seems like everyone here is complaiing about AT&T.  If Samsung hasent released the update to AT&T how are they supposed to finish it and release it.  I'm guessing it all has to do with the crappy processor samsuck (sorry typo) put in the origional note making it slow and laggy. my wife and daughter's skyrocket runs circles around my note.  Those of us that are fed up with AT&T should examine their choices.  T-Mobile lots of dead spots and throttles your speed down to nothing after a few hundred MB of data use.  You think AT&T customer support is lacking. Verizon is the worst.  Check the menus on verizon phones they are always missing many settings and options.  Then there is Sprint (no comment i dont want to get blocked from this site).  I've noticed everyone trying a custom JB rom (i dont recommend this) complains about a lot of things not working. Maybe JB cant run on our crappy processor. So i sit and wait with the rest of you hoping the update does come and it does have some improvement on the phone.  i'm tired of clicking and waiting  for apps and even my contact list to take 5 seconds to open. Not to mention the overheating and awful battery life which i believe is processor related and no operating system will ever fix.

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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

I talked to Samsung a few months ago and they said that they had sent ATT the JB code for the note already and it was in their hands.


I believe that ATT is holding back for whatever reason (most likely to include their bloatware) and don't want to let people know what's going on.


I dare ATT to comment on this.  Your customers deserve to know what's going on.  Older phones have already gotten JB and the Note (original) was supposed to be a flagship.

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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

I just read on Android Police that Google is working on Jelly Bean 4.3 not Keylime Pie 5.0. This is very frustrating considering we OG Note users havent even got Jelly Bean 4.1. Again we will be behind the curve...well saidYaakovchaim.. I also would like to add that I know alot of people do not like to use custom built roms..but i had to try something as my OG Note was so slow anf laggy. I have been running a custom 4.2.2 for several months and it has been great...not trying to push this on anyone just saying. I just hope Att and Samsung give us flagship Note users something more and not leave us out in the cold. I have been with Att since 1996 and think that we deserve more then what we have been getting fromthem. Not pointing fingers.....but let me forget to pay my bill....service off.....Att dnt forget the hardcore customers that stood in line on release day of this great flagship device with high hopes....
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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

AT&T is holding back the JB update for some reasons.

Whatsoever, the reasons are no matter, they are not answering on their customers which makes me so annoying.

The fact that Samsung sent the JB code to AT&T makes me more annoying, becasue AT&T is not working hard since the international JB release date is about more than 3 month and we still don't have it yet which means AT&T is being careless about galaxy note users and their cutomers.

I want jelly bean update on my galaxy note and AT&T's effort. (at least, they have to answer our question honestly)

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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

Hi pacert... I looked on the os update page for rogers. It is updated fairly often.
Here is the link:
hope this helps!
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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

Thanks Maaz
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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

Finally, someone has shed some light on our Firmware Update.  I subscribe to "All About Galaxy Note" on Google+.  In an article titled "Who Stole My Butter" I left a comment that got a reply.  Below is our conversation.


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Paul *** Apr 18, 2013Edit


If AT&T ever releases Jelly Bean for their i717 Galaxy Note.



All About Galaxy Note Apr 29, 2013


It was released in February.



Paul *** Yesterday 5:28 PMEdit


No, The Jelly Bean Update has not been released for AT&T i717 Galaxy Note.  It is still running 4.0.4  The Original Note (N700) and the Note 2 is running Jelly Bean But the AT&T variant of the Original Note (i717) is still on Ice Cream Sandwich.



All About Galaxy Note Yesterday 10:46 PM


Hi Paul, thanks for the correction. Yes, the Jelly Bean update for i717 (At&T's Galaxy Note) is not released yet. I just checked again.

As I know, Samsung finished their work on this update in late January and in early February  the update was pushed to AT&T , who would do their own "testing". This process typically can take 2-6 months depending on the priority assigned. AT&T also has the right to withhold the update.

The Galaxy Note 2 was released with Jelly Bean 4.1. Jelly Bean 4.2 update is being under carrier test currently, as I know. This usually means the update will be very likely released in Q3.


{Personal content removed for your safety}


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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

Just got an update on Drippler...says Galaxy Note should get Jelly in May
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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

Hey guys, Jelly Bean is now available via Kies.  You are welcome  Smiley Very Happy


Note: this is NOT a joke. GO GO GO

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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

Finally,  JB is on the Note.

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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update


Thanks for posting of the below URL:


okey AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note owner, this is indeed a good news that at last AT&T has released the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 upgrade. of course, AT&T alwayz late and careless about their smartphone OS upgrade matter.


the main Samsung US webpage for Samsung JB update yet not updated, because there is JB update announced in that page for AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket or AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note. the link is below:


But now Note user can directly follow the below webpage for their JB upgrade on Note  -


before start update it will be perfect if you format your device properly (factory reset including internal USB storage).


in your windows pc, just uninstall Kies and Samsung usb driver. I suggest, restart your pc after every installation or uninstallation please.

after latest Kies is installed properly and restarting your pc, disable your antivirus (or internet security software), windows firewall and windows defender.

Now you can open Kies and connect your Note via USB cable and after your device has deletected properly then you can easily go for Jelly Bean upgrade step by step.


hope the success of all AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note user about Jelly Bean upgrade.


Thanks in Advance



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Re: Galaxy Note I717 getting Jelly Bean update

Not seeing the multiwindow feature....thought it was going to be on the note 1 also...i could be wrong.but after all this wait...I would be annoyed to get a watered down version
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