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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi


Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II - It will not work on the 2.4GH WiFi low band - it will connect - but then cannot get the IP address - and then turns WiFi off saying there is a poor connection ( I am anywhere from 5 to 30 feet from Router - no difference) . It will connect to the 5GH high band. Most WiFi out there is 2.4GH low band - I have tried to connect to several routers - have reset phone - Help.

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

I am having the same issue. I can connect with my wifi at home which is5Hz but I can't connect to my wifi at work 2.4 GHZ. It gives the same error as other people are saying poor connecting. This problem started after I got the android update to 4.1.2. I will try to install wifi manager and see if solves the problem.

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

I was having a related problem that the solution to, may help?


I, bought and installed a new apple airport extreme router at home.  No problems with install or connecting to 2 laptops and my & my wife's Note 2's, all of which support 11n.  Speedtest.net showed full 25mb signal on both laptops, but 4-6mb on both phones.  After much experimenting, I tried turning off auto connect in advanced settings (menu) in wifi mgr.  Both phones now get full 25mb download speed

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

When I select a connection it asks me for a password.


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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

The AT&T sent me another phone with version 4.1.1 that works. The 4.1.2 version was on the phone that did not work - don't know if it was the 4.1.2 update or the phone that is the problem. It seems that the 4.1.2 update was removed.

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

Att update to 4.1.2 has a bug which affects wifi. Bought note2 with 4.1.1 software - worked fine. Att forced update to 4.1.2 and wifi would not connect , stated poor conection or unable to obtain ip address. Returned phone and same thing happened with new phone. After many hours with att support and samsung support , i was told it is a bug in 4.1.2 software and wait for a patch

Cant believe people are not screaming about this!

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

Well, part of the problem is it's not effecting everyone. On my replacement phone I haven't had the problem I did on my original.
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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

I have another thread I started about this .... but let me give you my story--



I had called about the problem and I spoke with Kristina or Christa...anyways this lady was NO help at all. She actually argued about my problem saying that it didnt make sense and it had to be my router-- I am pretty technologically inept so I told her no. After that I was put on hold for approx 5-7 min. I was then told that since the firmware update didnt finish completing on my phone (?? but it did-- whatever-) I needed to FACTORY RESET MY PHONE. I told her that it was out of the question...


After I hung up with her... I infact gave in and did a FACTORY RESET on phone. Somehow the memory card was erased too. I cant figure that out right now though, I have bigger fish to fry.


Because doing a factory restart on my phone. I still could not connect to my wifi- SO NOW I AM MAD because I NOW have to USE MY DATA PLAN to put everything back on the phone.


So I call back ATT Customer Technical Support and explain the problem. The nice older sounding lady seemed like she had confidence to fix my problem through her station accessing my phone insides and telling it XYZ.






I bought this phone BRAND NEW. Under re-new contract. But here were the only options I was given to fix this problem--




I was told by ATT Technical Support that I could either send in my phone IN EXCHANGE FOR A REFURBISHED phone under the warranty




I could use my insurance to PAY $125 to get a new phone!


I could not believe what I was hearing. Why would I want a refurbished phone!???! I didnt buy a refurbished phone, I bought a brand new one!!! And if you think I am spending another $125 for a problem that was clearly not my fault or that can be fixed easily ATT must be out of their freakin mind.


Well needless to say, I still have my brand new phone with a different Wi-Fi problem at least once a day.


Heres how I get the phone to work--


I need to turn off my phone when I come into my house Wi-Fi. Then turn it back on. Sometimes-- it works and its connected.

Other times -- It says its connected but it is not connected. IT CONSTANTLY IS SCANNING. ALL THE TIME.


Most of my problem is the one I started this thread with-- It says Network Disabled. Poor Connection. I will try numerous times and I get nothing.


Also, a week after I did a factory restart on the phone.... getting rid of the problem-- the phone found the firmware update AGAIN. So I had to go thru this process twice.


I love this phone. But its driving me mad.

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

This is hysterical to me because I walked in to the ATT Store at Bridgewater Commons in NJ and the guy tried to make me feel like a fool as he non chalantly took out the battery, popped it back in and handed it to me and it did work--- Until I got home as well.

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

Had the same thing happen, then I took the phone back to the AT&T store and told them to give me a new phone. No problems since.

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

This is the 2nd time I had this issue. Sent it to Samsung and they redid the firmware and updated the software to 4.1.2 etc.

Phone worked for a day before I restored my stuff. Worked for another day and a half then I happened to notice it was being updated with a 176MB download from ATT. So I waited till it was done to see what was going to happen. Phone rebooted and I noticed right away my wifi was gone.

Called Samsung next day and they said to send it back for further testing.

Something hit me today that if my phone was already updated, why was I getting another update so soon.

I decided to check my S3 and lo and behold it was still at 4.1.1

What I did was call ATT to confrm which IME# was on my account, it was the IME# for my S3 lol. What was happening was that my sim card was in the Note 2 and was being fed an update for my S3 which led to corrupted files etc.

My issue was caused by switching my sim card back and forth between my Note 2 and S3.

I had them change the IME# on my account to the Note 2 and I rebooted and my wifi started working.

Too bad I did a factory reset a couple hours earlier lol

Hope this helps someone Smiley Happy
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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

I have the same problem, Note 2 drops wifi connection after a day or two. Resetting the router works, but is only possible with my home router, not out and about.  The problem appeared after the upgrade to version 4.1.2. I hope they fix the problem soon.

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

did any solution work?
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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

i tried taking out the battery and sim card and it made no diference except it reinstalled the ATT apps that i had uninstalled!!!!!!!
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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

OMG! This actually worked! I have been struggling w/the same problem, but your suggestion worked for me. I know this hasn't worked for everyone but thank you for sharing Philzilla2k!

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 WiFi

that happens anytime the phone is powered off

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