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GPS issues with HTC Inspire 4g


GPS issues with HTC Inspire 4g

My Inspire 4g received the latest update from 10/23/2013 and seemed to be working fine until yesterday, when the GPS started having some flakely issues.  

Before if I was in an area without a clear view of the sky the phone would use a combination of Wifi and Cell towers signals to at least set me in the correct general area for any apps that use GPS hardware (i.e. Weather, time, maps, navigation, etc).  I would use this in my office everyday with only Wifi available and at least location based apps would put in in the right general area.

Yesterday the phone's GPS hardware sstarted defaulting to Japan as a location when I don't have line of sight to the sky.  When I do get it outside it also takes a number of minutes to correct the location, which makes it kind of useless for navigation apps.

Is there a way to tweak or check the GPS hardware to try and resolve this problem?  I've tried a soft reset, pulled the battery and removed any recently installed apps with no changes.  I don't want to have to do another full factory reset on this phone, since I did one in July in an attempt to resolve a Bluetooth connectivity issue and it took forever for me to get it back to the state it's in now with my contacts and apps correct.



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Re: GPS issues with HTC Inspire 4g

From the lack of any response shall I assume that everyone has bailed on using the Inspire 4g?


Honestly it feels like this phone was pretty much abandoned after the Gingerbread update. 


Good thing my contract is up and I can go consider other hardware and networks.

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Re: GPS issues with HTC Inspire 4g

While I'm sure there are a significant number of folks still using the phone; being over 2-1/2 years old, I'd say that yes, most people have probably moved on.  And this forum is a pretty small cross section of phone users, so therefore the lack of response.


That being said, there is no reason why you don't deserve to still have it work properly.


The app "GPS Status & Toolbox" is the best one I know of for checking the GPS status:


Although your issue seems to have less to do with satellite reception (which the app is useful for checking), but rather what is happening when there is no satellite reception.


Unfortunately, if an update was recently installed, then a confict with the update and your particular user settings or apps is possibly a culprit.  And if true, a factory reset is the best way to address this.  I know that's not what you want to do, nor is it guaranteed to resolve the issue.  





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