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Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777


Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

1. Battery life is still short. Haven't fixed it.

2. Cannot turn off the start-up ringtone.

3. Cannot turn off the Screen Animation.


Thanks for the long-waited ICS.

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

For me....Battery life seems a bit better.

As for the cons :


1. I cannot resize the samsung power widget now. 

2. I have a Motorola Roadster blue tooth headset. It worked great. Press a button and vlingo would say "what you like to do"?

I'd say " call home" and it would.

 Now I'm getting a prompt saying that the roadster wants to access my contacts. I press ok and nothing.  So i have a nice paperweight.

3. Charging times seem a lot longer.

4. Some apps are locking up and I get a black screen.


I wonder what the QA was for this release. And if it's possible (without voiding the does one revert back to the gingerbread release (ie...when things worked) ?

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

Also the samsung KIES restore doesn't seem to work w/ ICS either. 

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

For me, I'm getting really bad standby battery drain... Drops from 100% charge to 60% completely idle. Battery usage shows 'display' even though it's been off the entire time. All location services are turned off, and wifi is set to turn off when idle.. Anyone else see this??
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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

Got my upgrade on Sunday.  So far, it looks like my battery is draining faster than before.  I also notice the Gallery app no longer has any sort options, or at least none I can find.  I've switched over to a great beta app called Photo Timeline that sorts pictures off the "Date Taken" EXIF data, rather than the file creation date.  Very nice.


I'm also disappointed by how much of the Android 4 user interface was left out by Samsung.  I guess it's comforting for the 2.3 users that the UI changed little.  But I was expecting more.


I think I'm getting close to putting CyanogenMod 9 onto my phone.  It's hard to keep fighting against all the crap foisted upon us by Samsung and AT&T.

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

In Phone->Logs->Menu->View by, I selected "All calls" instead of "All logs".

Then I exited.

When I returned to Logs, it is viewed by "All logs" again rather than "All calls" that I set.

My setting was not saved.

Is it a bug?


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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

I updated to my i777 to ICS yesterday and I am having an issue with the media volume— the external speakers don't work and the volume for the headphone jack doesn't change when you adjust the control by any method, it just plays at a low fixed volume even though the on screen indication moves up and down.  Did this happen to anyone else?

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

at&t live chat fixed the problem— a soft reset was needed, which is remove the battery while powered on. Upon reboot, everything was functional.
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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

ive had random reboots, nothing extreme, maybe two per day...havent experienced the battery drain.... called att and they transferred me to samsung, apparently samsung actually is the one who delivers updates to att.. went thru the usual "are u using a samsung charger? do a soft reset, do a master reset, change out the battery" this all makes no sense, ITS A SOFTWARE PROBLEM! phone worked perfectly before the update........ please post if uve had the reboot problem so i dont think im the ONLY ONE!!!
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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

Come on, now. I know that we have tendencies to be cry-babies. I'm sure there are some positives to ICS. We have waited so long for it.

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

I found another possible bug.


I set up a screen lock secured with pattern and a backup PIN.

When I tried several times to unlock the screen but failed, I was prompted to use my Gmail and password to unlock it.

However, I entered my Gmail and password--and I'm sure both were correct--but I was prompted Invalid username or password. It was weird. BUG?


Does anyone have the same problem?



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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

I too am experiencing frequent (2 or 3 per day) random reboots.


I was experiencing very slow app loading and some wifi issues, but removing the battery seems to resolved those issues.



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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

I'm having the same problem with email. Right password but it says invalid.

Also spelling options disappear for some reason. But speed of webpages better. And battery life has been better. As long as they fix the bugs I'll like it. If they don't going back to go.gif bread.may be an option.
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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

I keep loosing my Notification Sounds and Vibration. I have to reboot phone to get them working again.

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

Thank you for your feedback, vmaffeo.


Regarding to the unlocking bug,


When the WIFI is on, I can use my gmail and password to unlock the screen.

When the WIFI is off, my gmail and password is always invalid, even I enter them correctly.



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