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Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777


Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

1. Battery life is still short. Haven't fixed it.

2. Cannot turn off the start-up ringtone.

3. Cannot turn off the Screen Animation.


Thanks for the long-waited ICS.

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

I have no pictures of my favorites under contacts. Is there any way to switch it back to a list instead of those big empty pictures?

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

The update was really easy.  I am noticing certain apps will lock up the phone and the only way is to hold the power button down and reboot.  I haven't seen the screenshot feature that is supposedly included in the ICS update.  I am wondering if doing a factory reset will make it a clean ICS install.  THE NFC as usual is not active I wonder what is worse waiting for Google to get the app right or the carriers to get their act together creating a NFC app. Hopefully an update will follow. Anyone know how to clear out the duplicates in their address book?

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

I did some digging and I think I found out why my phone was locking up.  The update to ICS doesn't install all your apps correctly.  I looked in the task manager in the downloaded tab and found multiple apps that said I had installed but when i double checked them they were not.  Once I uninstalled these apps I found my phone to be more responsive and hasn't locked up on me since.

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

Update over Kies seemed straightforward.  I did have to re-pair bluetooth devices, but otherwise, phone seems stable.  Battery life seems about thesame - perhaps a little better.  I have a user-defined set of power-saving settings that kicks in at 30% power.  Consistent with my experience with Gingerbread, if I run the battery below 30%, then these settings seem to "stick", even after the phone is recharged.


Interface seems a bit better, but not dramatically so.



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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

I have factory reset my phone, but sometimes I also suffer the no-notification-ringtone problem.

It comes back after I restart my phone. But sometimes the problem reoccurs.

Galaxy S2 i777 Android 4.0.3


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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

notification ring tone issue is annoying.  although after a soft reset?  (taking battery out)  my random freeze ups stopped.


i hope someone will get a fix out for these issues soon


otherwise i'm loving ics. although i do kinda miss the old gmail setup but the new one is easier to navigate between accounts

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

screenshot is now volume down and power at same time. if your contacts are sync with google account it sometimes duplicate them. happened to me once. log in to google dashboard and there a option in contacts to remove duplicates. i had to do this on a pc browser also
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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

Feedback? Ha.


1. Awful battery life. Android OS is using most of the battery. I'm lucky to get ten hours on standby, whereas before I could go all day and not be below 50%. All these discharge cycles are going to shorten my battery longevity.

2. BT autopair is sluggish-to-nonexistent. I frequently have to initiate the pair manually.

3. Startup tone. Why the he|| would they add this? Did they have lots of people complaining about the lack?

4. The stupid 4G symbol. Sorry ATT, but HSPA+ isn't 4G, no matter how much money you dump into your ad campaign. I'm fine without LTE (yes I know LTE isn't technically 4G either), but call a spade a spade.

5. Cannot set touch buttons to only light up when ambient light is low. I don't need lighted buttons in direct sunlight.


There is more, but I can't think of it now. Were it not for the battery life, I would probably stick with stock and just root it, and install a custom kernel to avoid the eMMC bug. However, ATT/Samsung have pushed me to finally go to a custom ROM. Good riddance to bad software.

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

I have to agree that my battery life is notably worse under ICS!  It's really my major complaint.  My secondary complaint is how much TouchWiz obscures the ICS interface.  In many respects it still looks a lot like GB 2.3.6.  I'm strongly considering CyanogenMod as soon as they finalize CM9.

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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

After anxiously waiting for the update(4.0.3),I've had issues right from the start.
I use GOsms pro for my sms needs and it's constantly crashing with the error message "MapSamsung" has Stopped working. My copy and paste function is nonexistent. Many apps have become sluggish and non responsive.
Many times I've had to take out my battery to restart it in order to get my phone to even work.
Speaking of battery, mine like many others here, can't even last half a day on standby.
So many hangup, many apps I install from the Play store don't even show, yet they take up memory anyhow.
I've never hated my phone til this update.
Sorry if that seems extreme, but going from a great perfectly good functioning smart phone, to a shuddering dumb phone is frustrating.
And being that Samsung released the update some time ago and AT&T had the time to "approve" it for release, it hard to point fingers to blame.
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Re: Feedback of ICS for GS2 i777

2-4 lockups per day since ICS4.0.4. No change after the usual run around (hard resets, Sims, etc). I even ran stock without any apps for a few days to prove a point.

ATT support says its Samsung software. Samsung second line support says it needs repair, $70 out of warranty. It's the software!!!

I'm going to hang in there for the JB update. If that doesn't happen we'll go Cyanogenmod or give that $70 to anyone except ATT/Samsung... I'm talking Nexus and the UnCarrier.
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