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Extreme Community Makeover AT&T Edition?

Extreme Community Makeover AT&T Edition?

If AT&T wants to do an extreme makeover how about they makeover their tech support department and roll out KIT KAT updates for all the devices that they have sold.


I personally have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that I just bought earlier this year on AT&T's NEXT plan. I also own a Samsung Mega and a Samsung Note 3.


The Mega and the Note 3 have all been updated to KIT KAT but AT&T has yet to roll out an update for the Note 8. When you contact customer service (either AT&T or Samsung) they say that they have no information and can't speculate because they don't want to cause and "confusion". Seems to me their already is confusion. Confusion as to weather or not an update will ever be released for some of the devices.


I would hate to think that I just bought the tablet a couple of months ago, make my NEXT payment faithfully along with the NEXT payments on my other two devices, my wireless service and my UVERSE service and that I will be stuck with the arcaic Jelly Bean software. 


Heck, Google is talking about releasing Android L in the new future. Don't guess I will get an update for that on my Note 8 either.


Way to go AT&T. Snooker me out of my money and then leave me hanging when it comes to OS updates. Come the end of my contract period I think I'll be taking my business elseware.

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Re: Extreme Community Makeover AT&T Edition?

I agree! The are lagging on the Windows 8.1 update as well. TMobile PREPAID is getting the windows update before AT&T customers and AT&T has the flagship 1520 Windows phone. Something sure isn't right here. AT&T your customers would be far more satisifed if you put effort into OUR phones rather than YOUR forum!

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