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Dual Screen Stopped Working


Dual Screen Stopped Working

Hi. Not more than 2 weeks ago I upgraded to the Note II. Soon after I downloaded the software update for the dual screen and I WAS THRILLED. Then a couple of days later the dual screen stopped working.  I still have the multi screen tool bar but it doesn't work. Now I select 2 icons from the multi screen tool bar and each opens normally in a full screen instead of a dual screen. I'm not sure why I lost the dual screen.  I called ATT and they asked that I talk to Samsung.  Well, spent 45 minutes on the phone with Samsung and they tried everything..Ultimately they told me there is nothing they could do other than me sending them my new phone and the will try to repair. No way....its a brand new phone and if I send it to them I will not have a cell for 2 weeks or more.


Is this happening to anyone else?  Anyone have any ideas?





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Re: Dual Screen Stopped Working

Hello MsAhaDroid, sorry I am unable to resolve your issue please send a private message to the link provided AttCustomerCare


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