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Downgrade GS3 From Jelly Bean to ICS


Downgrade GS3 From Jelly Bean to ICS

I was looking forward to the release of Jelly Bean for this phone and after having spent a few days with it the firmware is a disaster.  I have had random freezes, the phone just shutting off, and overall laggy performance.  Performance aside the phone shutting off on its own is completely unacceptable.  It happens at least twice a day now and it's starting to affect my business as I'm missing important calls throughout the day.


While these problems may be fixed with an update this is something I can not wait for especially given the time it took for this release to come out.  I would like to go back to Ice Cream Sandwich at this point because this phone is useless otherwise.  Can someone give me some direction as to how I would go about doing this?

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Re: Downgrade GS3 From Jelly Bean to ICS

Your best bet would be to rrefer to this forum link here for the specific instructions you will need.


WARNING: What ever you do, be matter what anyone says, not knowing what you are doing (or following the advice "it's easy, just go for it" ) can easily turn your $50.00 to 599.00 phone into a paperweight.  You can mod your phone, for sure, many do... but you can also break it permanently and void the warranty, too.
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Re: Downgrade GS3 From Jelly Bean to ICS

Wow, that's rather concerning. To "fix" my phone I run the risk of bricking it and voiding the warranty. Definitely won't do that, I can't have any more downtime with this thing.

What is AT&T doing about this!?

If I go down to the store I bought it at would they be able to flash it back or give me a new phone? I only got my GS3 back in Oct and need some kind of solution without the risk of breaking it even further and voiding the warranty.
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Re: Downgrade GS3 From Jelly Bean to ICS

After looking around online some more I see some other poeple have the shut off problem.  A factory reset was one solution suggested...  When I first upgraded to JB and had issues I used Kies again and did a firmware upgrade and initialize this time.  I believe this is essentially the same as a factory reset as it wiped my phone and reinstalled the JB firmware.  Needless to say the problems still persisted Smiley Sad

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