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I hate to say it but I am really disappointed in AT&T. I bought the Galaxy S3 back in November of last year and shortly there after recieved the 4.1 update (heck we even got it before Verizon) but now AT&T is sitting on the 4.1.2 update that fixes some glitches and brings some cool new things to the phone. AT&T cant even say it doesnt work for our phone hardware because T-mobile, Rogers, and US Celluar is starting to roll it out and they have the same exact phone as us. Im half tempted to root my phone and go with one the many of custom mods out there for our phone. I just wish AT&T would at least try and come up with a good reason why they are delaying the update and stop lying to people when they ask about it at any given time you can call AT&T and get 3 different answers as to when the update is coming or if it is even coming to our phone. Another reason why Im disappointed is how the freak does the galaxy s2 get this update and the galaxy s3 doesnt one phone is flagship phone and the other is obsolete and isnt even sold in most stores. So here to maybe hearing from AT&T with a halfway decent excuse to as to why we havent the update.

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