DM Update for Skyrocket


DM Update for Skyrocket

an OTA update was sent to my phone. i went ahead and installed it. anyone else with a Skyrocket get this update?  so far the only change that i saw was to the incoming call screen (the rounded buttons vs. the square bars) and the unlock screen (if you don't have an unlock code) advises you to "touch to unlock" and has a diagram that appears to show you how. (how nice.)

shout out to the people that run the AT&T Customer Care accounts that had no idea what i was talking about when i asked. 


just wondering if there were any other changes out there that may have been updated. i run Go Launcher EX, but i switched back to TouchWiz just to see if there was anything new, and i really didn't see much of a change other than what i specified.

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Re: DM Update for Skyrocket

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