Cookies blocked on certain sites when on 3g?


Cookies blocked on certain sites when on 3g?

I asked this on another forum and recieved no responses. Maybe this is a better place?


When I"m on the traditional archery site, and I'm on the AT&T wireless network, I can't post to the forums, view profiles, and other things that require verification that I'm a registered member. If on WIFI, everything works fine.


I'm using a Samsung Gallaxy S2, though members who have iPhones are experiencing the same problem. What gives?


Thank you.

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Re: Cookies blocked on certain sites when on 3g?

If someone points out that I'm in the wrong forum for this, it's not my fault! I was moved here, even though I noted that iPhone users are having the same problem. At least someone was reading my post.Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Cookies blocked on certain sites when on 3g?

Have you tried a different browser?  Mobile browsing is far from perfect, and websites not designed for mobile can often have wonky functionality.  Opera and Dolphin are some good alternate browsers.

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Re: Cookies blocked on certain sites when on 3g?

It works when I'm connected to WIFI at home. I haven't tried an AT&T hotspot yet.
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Re: Cookies blocked on certain sites when on 3g?

Connected to an AT&T hotspots and everything worked fine. Disabled wifi to connect to hspa +, doesn't work as noted above.
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Re: Cookies blocked on certain sites when on 3g?

Same problem on an iphone and a samsung galaxy tab 8.9... On an AT&T 3g connection, one of 4 cookies from my website seem to be saving on the device, but if I switch to wifi, it works as expected.  Desktop computers on wifi and wired also work as expected.  Seems to only be a problem on 3g.  Have not tested other carriers yet.  

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Re: Cookies blocked on certain sites when on 3g?

I found a solution for my situation, but it requires a change on the website.  I don't expect at&t to solve it. (they could)


The following explanation is for webmasters to see what is happening:


Apparently at&t strips spaces from the cookies if there are multiple cookies seperated by semi-colons.


I recorded the cookies coming back from browsers from a device on wifi and a device on at&t 3g networks.  

Results were the same across multiple browsers and devices. 



cookie string:  param1=value1; param2=value2; param3=value3; param4=value4



cookie string:  param1=value1;param2=value2;param3=value3;param4=value4


If there is only one cookie for the domain, there will be no noticible difference

if there are multiple cookies for the domain, it depends on if the website is expecting a space between parameters.


The problem is that there are platforms out there that handle this for the programmer, so the programmer is not involved in the parsing of the cookies, he/she simply checks for the cookie by name.  


This could be corrected for all websites by AT&T not manipulating the cookie string, or each website needs to adjust how they read the cookies.  In our case, we changed how we read cookies.


We were using the platform: West-Wind Web Connection 

The solution was in the GETCOOKIE method of classes\wwrequest.prg


* Original Line
* lcValue=EXTRACT(" "+lcCookieString + ";",;
                " " + TRIM(lcCookie)+"=",";","",.T.)


* New line
lcValue=EXTRACT(lcCookieString + ";", TRIM(lcCookie)+ "=", ";", "", .T.)


Credit to David Vaughan for the solution.

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