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Content rating filter is incompatible


Content rating filter is incompatible

When trying to download Apps via my PC when I click on the Samsung Infuse as the receiving device it is not highlighted. When pointing to it with the arrow I get this message "Your device content rating filter is incompatible". How do I change the settings to make it compatible. It does this on a number of Apps.

This is my first android phone so I am still learning.

Thanks for any help.


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Re: Content rating filter is incompatible

You could be hitting one of the two things:

1. App iteself has a list of compatible devices (and/or Android OS versions). If this is the case, it simply means this app is not compatible with your phone.

2. AT&T adds additional filtering to the market. There is nothing you can do about it unless you use a custom ROM to bypass this. All carrier branded phones have this.

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Re: Content rating filter is incompatible

It sounds to me like it's telling you you have a content filter set on your phone.


On your phone, go into the Market app. Tap the menu button and pick Settings.

Scroll down to "User controls."

If you've set a PIN, you'll need to tap "Unlock settings" and enter your PIN. (If you haven't set a PIN or a content filter but your phone has one, track down whichever "friend" set a PIN for you and beat it out of them.)

Now you should be able to tap "Content filtering" and change the level of filtering.

I'm not sure how long the new settings will take to propagate to Google so you can install the app from your web browser, but you should be able to see the app immediately in the Market app on your phone.


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Re: Content rating filter is incompatible

Thx parkrrrr

Your suggestion worked. I am now able to download apps.

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Re: Content rating filter is incompatible

Thank you so much for this information.  I did what you suggested, putting in to "show all" apps since the other filters were too low and wouldn't show the Tripadvisor apps.  I am so glad you me helped out!

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