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Contacts disappear in S4 SGH1337


Contacts disappear in S4 SGH1337

This has been a bit frustrating since I moved from Iphone to S4.....From the day one I had feeling that S4 is for more tech savvy ppl. and really had to spend a lot of time in understanding and using the capabilities that this phone can give.

From past couple of days, ALL of my contacts (from all my accounts) just disappear from my contacts list and I dont see a single congact other than "My Info", not even in the apps that support calling via contacts.

Sometimes it does work when I restart the phone.

Does this happen to anyone else and could anyone suggest a solution for this...

Appreciate your help.

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Re: Contacts disappear in S4 SGH1337

How do you store your contacts, and how did you migrate them to the new phone?  I'm thinking its less a matter of you not being tech savvy enough for the phone, but more an incompatibility of having migrated your contacts from an iPhone.  The best way to store contacts on an Android phone is to have them synched to your Google (Gmail) account.

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