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The camera on my eight month old phone stopped working.  I took it into a local store.  They called the warranty department who said they'd send a "certified used" phone.  The CSR have differing explanations as to what that means. Here's mine after three, they're broken phones!  When I tried to take a picture, not only the camera froze but the phone itself. It's kind of dangerous not to even be able to make a single call.  I took it immediately to the store to have them verify this.  They called the warranty department.  That CSR was on speaker phone with us both and very rude.  He interrupted the local rep and I to say he only had three minutes and was totally put out by having to deal with us.  He said he would overnight a phone.  It didn't happen. In addition, I was later told they don't do that.  No phone arrived.  He sent it to the wrong address; I never saw it.   A third HTC One was sent.  I bought an Otterbox ... at least I got a deal.  Not much of one considering the phone doesn't work properly.  Problem is, there's a built in battery and this phone doesn't hold a charge.  By 1:00 p.m. it'll be at 41% with no use.  It was checked remotely by AT & T; they agreed, it doesn't hold a charge.


This has all entailed many hours of trips to the post office, many visits and hours in the local store.  Today I went in with this phone and was sent away for an hour.  They were too busy.  When I was finally helped the CSR was on hold for approximately 20 minutes before he was able to get to the Warranty Department.  He spoke to them for awhile until they asked for me.  Instead of trying to soothe an agitated customer, the situation was made worse. I explained the stiuation, that I had returned all the phones I had been sent, have receipts from the post and never seen the one they sent to the wrong location.  She promptly said they aren't sending anymore devices until those three are returned.  I repeated my story. I asked what do you need me to do to prove I returned those devices.  She said, "I don't know what to tell you."  and kept saying, "I'm sorry".  I had to ask her why she was in customer service if all she was going to say is, "I don't know what to tell you." and explained that apologizing without presenting a solution means absolutely nothing.  She said something about going into one of their stores.  I reminded her that she had just been speaking to the CSR in their retail store before I got on the line.  A supervisor got on the phone.  At least she finally acknowledged I am not responsible for the one they sent to the wrong address and that one of them I returned has been received.  I have texts saying it the first one was returned, then one saying it wasn't.  To top all this off, she said, you know, we have a location in Cary where you can go get replacement phones.  What!?!?!  I've been running around, mailing, going to the stores, learning the phones, getting the run-around and defective devices for a month, to find out I could've simply driven 20 minutes.  While on the phone the local manager heard me ask about this and brought over a form with the adress.  She was in on my problem from the first visit and never once mentioned I could obtain a replacement device locally, no one did.  Now there are two $200+ charges on my credit card until they acknowledge receipt of the phones I returned.  I no longer trust AT & T.   At this point, I'm still stuck with a bad phone and have to sit on the floor with the charger plugged in midday to be able to use it (short cord).  This has cost days and days of aggravation and time out of my life, plus a small amount of money...needlessly.  Twenty years ago I had a bad experience with AT & T and this is my first experience back in the mix.  It's not going well. 

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Re: Complaints

What happen to your situation is that att is having difficulty with hiring and keep the good employees. Att employees were not taken care by the company, so good employees just continue to leave this company.

Anyway, with your situation, they should have tell you to go to a local Device Support Center, which is a place where you get your phone swap out right on the spot.

As far as the rep was telling you that theres was three phone ship out and was actually the mistake of the company, there was nothing that the rep can do because there was too many order been sent out. However, the rep should have get you a supervisor to help you out.
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