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Captivate - want ringtone for voice mail only.

Captivate - want ringtone for voice mail only.

My Captivate now has separate notifications ringtones for email and messaging but I can’t figure out how to assign a notification for voice mail that’s different than the one I have set for messaging/email. 


In messaging and email, touching Settings allows me to set different notification sounds for them but I don’t see anywhere to set a different notification sound for voice mail.


Hopefully, someone here will be able to figure it out.

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Re: Captivate - want ringtone for voice mail only.

Hey Skipfromla; I had the same problem until I finally figured it out. If you go to your regular settings to sounds and displays and set notification ringtones, this will change your voicemail notification. Now, to have a different text notification than your voicemail, go to your messages and then use your menu button. (The 1st button on the far left bottom of your captivate) This will pull up a settings option and from there you can select a ringtone only for your text messages. That's how I fixed mine. Hope it works out for you!

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