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Captivate Unlock Code doesn't work!


Captivate Unlock Code doesn't work!

AT&T gave me the unlock code for my device, but it doesn't work.  I get an error message that says "network unlock request unsuccessful".  I've spent quite a bit of time on the phone with customer service and we've tried several methods and none have worked.  CS then directed me to take the phone to a store so they could unlock it there - that didn't work because nobody there knew what to do.  I called CS again while still in the store and the worker spoke to them & got the same results.  I was then directed to take it to a device support center & got the same results there.  Any advice?

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Re: Captivate Unlock Code doesn't work!

The hard part is rooting. Phones running latest Gingerbread (2.3.4 or later) are much more difficult to root.


Remember rooting voids your warranty.

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Captivate Unlock Code doesn't work!

Hi, I have similar problem where the unlock code given by ATT does not work.  Had confirmed at least 3 times.  Per suggestion from ATT CSR, I had reset my Samsung Captivate to manufacturing setting and tried to unlock the phone without sim card by using code #7465625*638*Unlock Code (NCK)# and *0111Unlock Code (NCK)# and got message "Not Registered On Network".  Any suggestions to fix this problem are greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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Re: Captivate Unlock Code doesn't work!

I had the same problem -- unlock code provided by ATT didn't work (Samsung Captivate Gingerbread 2.3.5) and nobody at ATT was owning up the issue.


I had to root the phone and then get it unlocked using one of the apps by h**z !!


Here is brief summary of my interaction with ATT CSR and store people --


** ATT does not get any tech support from samsung to resolve issues like these (apparently nobody cares @ ATT and samsung).


** ATT store representative offer to me was -- get it unlocked using local repair shops and refund the fees incurred OR surrender the phone for $100 gift voucher !


** App by h**z is not downloadable via google play store in USA!! (This is ridiculous-- Samsung will not help with genuine issues and they will not allow others to help either !! Smiley Sad )


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