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Call Control call blocker does not play nicely with Galaxy S3!!


Call Control call blocker does not play nicely with Galaxy S3!!

Here's some helpful advice for my S3 brethren...Call Control app conflicts with Jellybean 4.1 and/or Galaxy S3!! 


I needed to block calls and texts from a stalker recently so I read reviews and installed Call Control. It's a top rated call/text blocking app and it delivers... the problem is it also caused my S3 to have amnesia and dropped all of my contacts. S3 didn't even recognize contacts on my SIM card (!!!!). It took a lot of experimentation, running back and forth to the AT&T store and calling tech support. They never pinpointed that issue specifically, but clued me in to the fact that apps are the root of OS mischief and I realized that Call Control was the last app I installed before my phone dumped my contacts... again! So, I uninstalled Call Control and rebooted. The contacts are back and all is well. Except that now I have to find another call blocking software that doesn't cause my S3 to drop contacts... Anyone know a good call/text blocker that doesn't mess with your contacts?

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Re: Call Control call blocker does not play nicely with Galaxy S3!!

You might contact the app developer, and letting them know what happened, and tell them what device and Android version (4.1).  They might be able to fix the app to be compatible with your device.  I had some graphical glitches on an app, and contacted the app developer.  It was just a device incompatibility, that they fixed with a subsequent app release in about a week.


Plus, the GS3 is a very popular phone, so I would think they would want it compatible with your device.


It might also be that the app doesn't play well with JB in general, as some developers are still getting their apps up to speed.

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