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Atrix HD Battery


Atrix HD Battery

The Motorola Atrix HD definitely has a (sealed) battery issue.  My first smart phone was the Motorola Atrix2 which I replaced with the Atrix HD. 

The battery life began to fade after 6 months and I was able to replace it using my AT&T insurance.  I had already ordered an after market replacement battery which was supposed to come with directions.  The second Atrix HD battery life began to deteriorate drastically after 6 months at which time I was sent another (third) Atrix HD.

The phone went dead after one day of use.  I did not attempt to find the reason, just bit the bullet and upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S4, mainly because it is one of the few good Androids available with a replaceable battery option.

The after market battery for the Atrix came with tools, but no directions.  Even though the supplier promised me directions four times..nothing.

Since I still have the Atrix HD, I felt I could not do more damage too it by attempting to replace the battery on my own.  At least I would discover if it was the battery or not.

The replacement was easy and the phone now appears to work fine, more than I can say about the one which lasted one day.

I have sold or used Motorola phones for over twenty three years.  The Atrix HD will be the last Motorola I buy. Not only are their phones not up to standards, but their customer service/tech support  has gone for excellent to horrible.

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Re: Atrix HD Battery

I'm glad to see that you were able to replace the battery and it now seems to work fine, however I do apologize for your negative experience with Motorola phones. The company is now "under new management" with its new owner (Google) and their latest device seems to be getting very positive reviews. I like Samsung phones a lot too and I hope you enjoy your Galaxy S4.



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Re: Atrix HD Battery

The atrix hd battery isnt rocket science. The battery cover pops off with your thumb nail. The battery has 2 screws on the flex cable then removes.
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Re: Atrix HD Battery

Do you still have either phone (Atrix HD)?
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Re: Atrix HD Battery

And if so, condition? Thanks
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