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Atrix 2 "download size requires wi-fi"


Atrix 2 "download size requires wi-fi"

I have an Atrix 2. Whenever I try to download anything-an application, an update, a pdf file, a menu for a Chinese restaurant

the phone will attempt to download, then I get an orange triangle with an exclaimation point in the center on the status bar.

It reads "Download size requires Wi-Fi" and the phone will not download the item until I find a wi-fi location.

 The phone will download nothing over the cellular network.

 The phone has had a factory reset and I have tried a hard reset (removing the battery with the phone on) multiple times.

 Has anyone else had this problem and does this sound like the phone needs to be replaced?

 Thanks for any assistance.

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Re: Atrix 2 "download size requires wi-fi"

Check your power management settings. Menu > settings > power or battery.

Not sure of the exact titles in the settings section of the Motorola phones, but I have read of others needing change a settings in this area.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Atrix 2 "download size requires wi-fi"

Thank you Ann.

Changed the battery setting to performance mode and took off the data saver. Was able to download over the cellular network. I may need to make some adjustments but I know where to look.

Thanks so much

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Re: Atrix 2 "download size requires wi-fi"

Hey i did it too, and i use Easy battery Saver and Cosmos for the data savings! There plenty tools to save data and far more effective to be honest!

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