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Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

Have an A2 have interminttent wireless conections, ive had it since it came out. now i thought i was having problems with my router since it was kind of old, so i bought a new one. Now it still does the same thing, It will connect then about 3 to 5 min later drop signal but it still shows that its connected, if its on more than 20 min the wifi will shut off. I have checked all the settings and apps, there should be nothing causing this unless its a hardware problem, i have not had a resolve with CS with AT&T, would like to here from the community if any one else has had any of these problems, if so please state them below, i have also started a thread over at motorola owner forums about the A2 wifi problems.


Thanks guys



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P.S. Happy New Year


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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

Purchased my Atrix 2 twenty days ago. The intermittent wifi issue started about a week ago and got worse each day. Now the phone's data will not work at all. It says I am connected to wifi and G but I cannot manage any data connections. Cannot find any setting issues. Will probably send phone back before grace period expires. It seems like a great phone. Hope this issue gets resolved. It's the primary reason I abandoned my Torch. Don
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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

I'm having wi-fi troubles with my Atrix 2 and my wife's Atrix 4G.  I'm not sure if your's is the same issue, but what I am experiencing appears to be a fairly widespread issue that has to do with IP addresses.  Android doesn't do a good job of renew IP once your address expires, you have the problem you see.


Go in to the wi-fi settings menu on your phone.  It will hang on the Obtaining IP address from "wireless network name"...


There are some fixes that work intermittently out there that talk about setting a static IP address...then removing it, but that hasn't worked for me.  


Anyway, thought I'd pass this on to help in your search for an answer...I don't have a solution to this problem yet.


Good luck,


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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

I purchased my Atrix 2 on 12/29, and have experienced intermittent wifi issues for the last two days.  I know it is not my home wifi because my Ipad, laptop, and Samsung Infuse 4G have no problems.  It starts out saying 'Authenticating my wireless network', and after about 30 seconds it says it is disconnected and disabled.  Today I cannot connect at all.  I am ready to return the phone! 

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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

i've read a number of phones (perhaps all) have varying degrees of wifi connection problems.  and the predominate 'fix' being to filter your phone's mac address on your wireless router.  i've always done that anyway, so perhaps is why i've never had a wifi connection problem.  whenever i'm near a wifi hotspot, the little wavy lines always pop up on my atrix 2, showing i have a wifi connection.

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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

Same here, and I've seen some posts about this on the Motorola forums. 


It ocasionally drops, or the icon stays grey, but the thing that bothers me the most is that it won't auto connect to known wifi spots until I reboot it. 

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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

I contacted AT&T warranty about my atrix 2 wifi problems.  I was advised that there was an update that motorla has authrozied at&t to send out to see if it helps the issue.  Sure enough I got a msg on my phone saying dm bootstrap new dm profile was added.  Has anyone heard anything like this?

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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

can u give me the exact number u called AT&amp;T Warranty. I have been told nothing nor herd nothing from Motorola or AT&amp;T. Today I went to the at&amp;t store and was told nothing can be done to fix this issue, unless I did an insurance claim on it and it would cost$150.00. This is not acceptable . at least when I had sprint they would exchange the device in store was found to be faulty. But to be told I have to pay for it is completely out of the question. If that is the case why is there a manufacturers warranty on the phone. Any insight in how you got the AT&amp;T rep to admit there was a update, or how to get this pushed to your phone<br><br>Thanks<br>sincerely.<br>Ryan<br>Lead Tech.
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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

I called 1-800-801-1101 option number 3.  I started at around 12:00 p.m. Yesterday.  It was a lengthy process.  They sent me a dm file ota and told me to try that for 24 hours.  They called back this morning and asked me if the Atrix 2 was an android phone.  Made me reset the phone yet again and set a commitment to call me back in 2 hours.  3 hours went by with no returned call so I called them.  The lady I spoke with said there was degraded towers in my area and that could be causing my problem.  When I asked her how towers could cause my wifi to turn it's self off she told me to contact tech support. So she transferred me to tech and they said they wasn't sure why the warranty department sent me to them. However the tech lady was the most knowledgeable person I've talked to.  She said that even if there were degraded towers that it would not cause issues with wifi.  So she shipped me out a replacement phone.  Now I just wait to receive it and see if my problem is any better.

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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

really I was told by the Warranty Dept that they will not replace the device because the wifi is not under warranty it falls under software not hardware
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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

hmmm, i have to strongly disagree with the warranty dept's assessment.  yes, the wifi radio is controlled by software, but the wifi radio itself is a chip or part of a chip, which is hardware.  so the warranty dept is wrong.  that's like saying because the battery indicator in the toolbar on your notebook is dead, your notebook isn't covered by the warranty even if the battery dies.


i was just looking at the wifi settings on my atrix 2, are you absolutely sure you've gone in there and changed the settings back and forth, and the proper settings are saved? 

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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

i agree as well i have a BA in Computer Science, and am also A+,Net+CCNA Certified, Am also a MCP(Microsoft Certified Professional, he tried to tell me that there was no radio, that it was all controlled by software, and to some degree he is correct,but when i asked him why the need for a Mac address if there was no radio, he decided to say he couldn't answers my problem and wanted to know if there was something else i need, poor cs in my opinion, i should have stayed with sprint but got fed up paying for 4G when i don't live in a 4G city and also there data speeds are hopples, dial up is faster than there network speed.

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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

and also yes all me settings are correct on the device and router it has to be the device, it did it with my old router, so i bought a new one, then this one gave me problems then i upgraded my home internet and came with a motorola surfboardSBG6580 with a 4 port gateway/wireless router. so in turn im on number 3, all different manurfactures, all have no problems the problem is the device itself, i belive i have a faulty radio, but the warrant dept said this.....


AT&T: I do apologize but I cannot replace the phone under warranty for a Wifi issue.  The Wifi is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

ME:can you be more specific what does the warranty cover

AT&T: It covers hardware defects

ME: so then why does the wifi not fall into this, 

AT&T: Wifi is a software defect not a hardware defect

ME: so what your telling me is that the wifi is software not hardware

AT&T: Correct

ME: so then how can you account for a mac address if it is software. Is there not a radio that recives wireless signals?

AT&T: I can only tell you what the warranty says and it says that I cannot replace a wifi problem under the warranty.  Is there anything else I can help you with?


and that was that i told him i contacted moto and they did confirm that this falls under hardware warranty, and did not understand why AT&T Refused me a replacement.

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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

I would def call back. Be persistent I can' t see why they would not replace the device.  I talked to about 6 diff people but finally they agreed to send me a replacement.  Maybe try tech support 800-331-0500 and select the option to take you to a tech support rep.  Explain to them what's going on.  When I talked to the warranty they kept saying it was a battery problem if the phone kept turning itself off.  I had to explain to them over and over that the phone was not powering off that the wifi was not working properly.  I guess I finally just got a hold of someone who had good cust. Service skills.

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Re: Atrix 2 WiFi Problems

the only other thing i can think of you might look at (then i'll leave you alone), when i have friends over that want to connect to my wifi, i have to turn the mac address filtering off on the router.  when everybody's gone, and i turn mac address filtering back on, the default is to BLOCK my previously ALLOWED devices!  very odd.  so after a couple of seconds of head scratching, i realize i have to change blocked to allowed on the linksys e3000 router, and everything returns to normal.


in changing routers in and out, do you think maybe you're blocking your mac addresses rather than allowing them? 

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