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Any non-android updates for my xperia x10a


Any non-android updates for my xperia x10a

I've had my x10 since NOV. 24.  I've have been keeping tabs on when the android 2.1 update is to be released, but I have not seen any AT&T updates at all.  I see that SE has released non-android updates.  Did I miss them.  I use both SEUS and PC companion but have not been notified of any updates.  I also use the in-phone update service with no results.  I have read that the updates have provided performance increases.  Did my phone update without my knowing?  My phone specs from :settings/about phone/  firmware ver. 1.6; baseband ver 1.1.32; kernel ver 2.6.29-rel semc-android@SEMC #2; build number R2CA016.  Any info is gladly welcome. 

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Re: Any non-android updates for my xperia x10a

At&t has not bashed out any updates to the X10. I am not sure what you mean by non-Android updates but yes SE does have updates out. Your device is in OS 1.6 and you will not get any updates unless pushed out by at&t.

Those that have updated, including me have flashed the phone with a generic ROM to get it and yes the performance has improved.
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Re: Any non-android updates for my xperia x10a

I've found on the SE website there are 3 software updates released by SE. The first was a non-os update, meaning on 6/24/10 the build was updated not the android version, then on 11/1/10 they released the android 2.1 update, then on 12/21/10 they updated the build for droid 2.1 .  I wanted to see if anyone still branded has ever received the first build update from June.  According to the SE blogs that update was a big time performance boost.  For now I'll stay branded till they get a full 2.2 rom working since they biggest upgrade bonus for me will be flashplayer and app-2-SD. 

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Re: Any non-android updates for my xperia x10a

At&t got the device in August so it already had the first update. There is another update coming for multi - touch.

As far as I know all the other providers worldwide have either sent out the updates or are in the proces of doing so, all except at&t that is.

It is not possible to get the 2.1 on a at&t branded ROM until they release it and there has not been announcements when.

There will not be a 2.2 from SE as far as I know but it will be available other ways.
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Re: Any non-android updates for my xperia x10a

The X10 will now be slated for Gingerbread OS in the second or third quarter, according to SE's blog. This is a HUGE announcement, because they announced it would stay on 2.1. Backup and Restore software from SE is incompatible with 2.3,so this might be the sign at&t was looking for.
I JUST HOPE WE WILL BE GETTING THIS NEW UPDATE, MEANS WE CAN get apps meant for models 2.-and higher.
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