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Android has Muffled Voice Quality


Android has Muffled Voice Quality

Last week I purchased the Android Fusion 2 and upon setting up my voicemail I discovered that the voice quality is muffled, I mean…  I sound like I'm talking through a cloth. WHY is this? And how it can resolved?

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Re: Android has Muffled Voice Quality

I'm sorry you're having problems with the voice quality on your new device.  We do have a 14 day return policy. Visit here for information on troubleshooting your device and next steps. I hope this helps! 

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Re: Android has Muffled Voice Quality

I don't know the phone you're talking about, but here's my advice:  if you're not pleased NOW, return it right away!  Trust me, you're not going to suddenly get happier.  Your issue, though, isn't that "Android has muffled voice quality".  You got either a poor unit or a badly designed model.  Either way, this will nag at you and you'll later wish you had returned it when you had a chance.


Find another model while you still can.

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