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Android Media Player that Shuffles?


Android Media Player that Shuffles?

Is there media player in the Android Market that you would recommend that has good playlist management AND shuffles?


I don't care about album covers or MP3 tags. But want to easily create playlists and have them shuffle. The stock Captivate media player doesn't shuffle. And trying to organize the playlists to play in a particular order causes a lot of FCs for me.


TIA for any suggestions.

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Re: Android Media Player that Shuffles?

The stock player does have shuffle. In portrait, with a song is playing, tap the screen so you see the progress bar. Shuffle is in the upper left corner above the timer.

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Re: Android Media Player that Shuffles?

I had no idea that those intertwined arrows meant shuffle!


What a dummy I am.



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Re: Android Media Player that Shuffles?

I believe there is a new Android media player that has recently come out which allows for great playlist and library management on the phone. I know I've had a lot of problems on my device with music, as it doesn't allow you to identify certain folders and destinations as part of your music library. Instead, it uses one source folder, and all of your music has to be in there. It also had problems recognizing folders inside of the source folder, making it difficult to build the library in an organized fashion.


Much recommended apps: Bluetooth File Transfer, ASTRO file manager, Double Twist (iTunes sync), and mSpot.


Enjoy your phone! Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Android Media Player that Shuffles?

Just looked at the mSpot app for music. Will try definitely this one out. Thanks very much for the tip!

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