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Android 2.3.5. update


Android 2.3.5. update

My HTC Inspire updated to 2.3.5 fine, however, now when I use my AT&T H730 bluetooth I do not get the voice confirmation "Call JimBob on mobile" of who i am calling.  So, if it picks the wrong contact from my list I can't cancel it before it calls them.  Anyone know if/where I can turn the voice back on.

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Re: Android 2.3.5. update

I have the same problem--no audible prompts at all from phone in B/T mode after update--just a "hang-up" beep, then the "Bluetooth Voice Dailer" starts up and dials random numbers or random saved contacts whether or not I say anything.  Prior to update, I would press "Call/Answer/Dial" button on B/T device and it would say "Speak Now" and then I could call out a name or number, it would prompt to confirm, then proceed to dial.  I know the problem is with the 2.3.5 update, because my corporate Blackberry gets all audio prompts (albeit different prompts--guessing it varies per type of phone) and performs flawlessly on the same after-market/dealer-installed Advent B/T device in my '09 Hyundai Sonata.  Tried soft reset, un-pair/re-pair, hard reset ( Smiley Sad  ), and problem persists.  Probably racking up tons of charges for long-distance calls to unknown people/businesses, LOL!  Called AT&T, they referred me to HTC.  Troubleshooting with HTC in the meantime.  I will post an update if I get anywhere with HTC.  

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Re: Android 2.3.5. update

HTC is trying to walk me through clearing the cache after clearing all data from bluetooth app and voice dialer app did not correct the problem.  The phone still doesn't give any audible prompts and still randomly dials either existing contacts or random numbers whether or not I say anything.  They are now trying to walk me through clearing the cache partition, but their key sequence does not get me into the desired menu, though the required buttons work for their "real" functions.  They are then going to have me perform another factory reset.  Really wish I could afford to switch phones and carriers at this moment.  Again, if I get any solid info, I will post an update.  Just wanted to pass along the steps that didn't work in case anyone else is getting the same run-around from HTC.

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Re: Android 2.3.5. update

Update (well, sort of...):  Since clearing Bluetooth Data, Cache Partition, AND performing factory reset did not correct the problem, HTC is arranging to "escalate" this issue and it looks like they are going to have me send the phone in for "repair."  Again, I'll update if/when this is resolved, either by software troubleshooting or by getting the phone replaced.

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Re: Android 2.3.5. update



I have a "problem" and I'm curious to see if other HTC Desire 4G owners are experiencing the same issue . . . as follows:


Last week AT&T rolled out the Android v2.3.5 upgrade to my phone via text message link. The upgrade went fine and I like the new look and the fact that text messages now show the name again (and not just the phone number).


Only big problem for me after the upgrade is with my Bluetooth headset functionality (ie. hands-free). Before the upgrade from v2.3.2, when I wanted to make a call using a Jabra 250v Bluetooth headset, I pressed the button on the headset, I then heard an audible prompt to speak (it might have been just a beep, or "speak now"), then I would speak, then I heard another prompt to confirm that the choice returned was correct (something like "Call Joe on mobile?"), then I would (I believe) speak yes, or press the red call button on the phone.


Since the upgrade to 2.3.5, when I press the call button on my headset, I do not hear anything, but after a couple seconds I can see "Listening" on the phone, then I speak "Call Joe on mobile", then the phone just dials a random phone number from call history or Contacts without any confirmation that the voice recognition actually selected the person I wanted to call.


Earlier this week AT&T tech support connected me to HTC tech support. I first told HTC about this ATT forum post. HTC had me enter Recovery Mode and clear the cache. You may Google: htc inspire 4g recovery mode to see a video on that. That seemed to fix the part about selecting random phone numbers, but did nothing to address the problem of missing audible prompts in the Bluetooth headset, and automatically dialing a number without any confirmation to do so.


At this point, the HTC tech said I'd have to live with this because this is how v2.3.5 is coded to work. There was nothing that he could do further about my "problem".


Well, now I've lost an important functionality of my phone. I can longer depend on using the headset for hands-free driving. Dialing someone from my headset now requires that I take my eyes off the road several times and look at the phone to complete the operation.


Has anyone else experienced this "problem"? Is this problem unique to the HTC Inspire 4G? Is this problem common with all manufacturer's phones that run v2.3.5 ?


I greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions.




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