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Add memory to LG Quantum?


Add memory to LG Quantum?

So, I've been contemplating a Windows Phone 7 LG Quantum. I'd prefer more memory. However, I've read online that the LG Quantum does not have a memory slot for additional memory. This article from ATT seems to indicate otherwise though:


Can anyone clarify?


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Re: Add memory to LG Quantum?

I have the Quantum and you cannot add memory.
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Re: Add memory to LG Quantum?

Thanks bcvhog.


Pretty sloppy of ATT to have that web page up there. :-)

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Re: Add memory to LG Quantum?

I wouldn't let the memory hold you back. This is a great phone and I really love WP7
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Re: Add memory to LG Quantum?

When I first began scouting out the LG Quantum from AT&T I was told at the AT&T store that the phone had add on memory via micro sd card.


I was replacing myAT&T tilt (another windows phone that disappoints) and selected the quantum.


When I received the phone I went right over to the AT&T store to set up some of the basic packages.  That's when I was told that while the quantum accepts a micro sd card it doesn't accept the older version and that a newer one will be coming out 'soon'.


I plan to return my quantum for a phone that works.

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Re: Add memory to LG Quantum?

As far as I am aware, the information that you were provided re: the quantum accepting a newer sd card 'soon' Is not accurate. This applies to other WP7 phones such as the Samsung Focus. The LG Quantum simply has no memory card slot.


This is disappointing. However, as someone else noted above... this is otherwise a great phone. Both the phone and WP7 have a few quirks  but what phone doesn't? Frankly, from an OS perspective I think it's head and shoulders above the Android based Samsung Captivate that my wfie has. From a hardware perspective, it has no smart phone equal as far as its excellent horizontal slide out keyboard.

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