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ATT Exchange Policy On my 4th Samsung S4!


ATT Exchange Policy On my 4th Samsung S4!

What is Att's exchange policy on multiple exchanges. I am on my 4th Galaxy S4. I treat my phones very well, I do not download Apps. But I have had one screen fail. 2nd Refurb they gave me worked perfectly for awhile, but the samsung charger shorted out, and it then shorted out the phone, burned it up. Att gave me a 3rd phone which was good for 1 day! Then it started have freezing issues on the lock screen, as well as phantom touches and virbrations. So I am heading in for my 4th S4! I just want to switch to another phone, no upgrade or anything like that, just something similar or equal. I cant go into the store every few weeks.


ATT has been amazing soo far, and I have nothing but good things to say. But I am just getting sick of this!

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Re: ATT Exchange Policy On my 4th Samsung S4!

Hello jashton,

It's unfortunate that you are having issues with your Samsung Galaxy S IV. After the first 14 days, AT&T simply fulfills the manufacturer's warranty. They provide you with a new or refurbished device, at their discretion, and your old device is typically returned to the manufacturer for data wipe, diagnostics, and refurbishment.

Usually, the only time they will change you to another handset is if your current defective handset model has been been discontinued and/or there are no replacement units in stock. Then, at their discretion, they will provide you with a newer model or a phone which shares similar features and functions.
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Re: ATT Exchange Policy On my 4th Samsung S4!

Ok, I will post once I am on my 9th.

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Re: ATT Exchange Policy On my 4th Samsung S4!

That is per AT&T's Policy. I suggest you be persistent, call customer service, and request to speak to a supervisor. (When you ask for a supervisor, don't let them put you on hold, or they'll take their time.) Or go to a corporate store and talk to a manager. Read up on your local lemon laws. A certain yellow carrier offered my friend a brand-new, out of the box phone and bill credits, while a certain red carrier terminated another friend's contract with no financial penalties.
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Re: ATT Exchange Policy On my 4th Samsung S4!

Unfortuately, this kind of thing is not unheard of (multiple bad refurbs) on these and similar forums.  Refurbs are by definition defective or broken phones that have been repaired ("refurbished") so its possible the repair was not done properly or completely, and you are just inheriting somebody else's old problems.


While its not the policy, I've heard of some customers being successful in exchanging for a different device when they threaten to take their business to another carrier.  Being a longtime customer, and/or multiple lines may also help (if applicable in your case).  As suggested in the previous response, make enough noise, and to the right people; and it may be possible to get it done.  

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Re: ATT Exchange Policy On my 4th Samsung S4!

I just got my 2nd Galaxy S4 replaced, and this time I believe from my diagnose there is something internal that is causing issues with the phone, so Ill be getting mine replaced next week again. You may be able to get your phone switched to another make and model device, I recommend you speak a supervisor and see what they can do so it;'s best for you, there is a possible chance they will be able to break the policy for you and send you another make device.

Good Luck!
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