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Re: AT&T “my Wireless” app


AT&T “my Wireless” app

Look at the screen shots for this app in the AT&T App Center.  There are 4 separate screens; data, minutes, summary, and support.  On the summary screen these are all listed: billing cycle, anytime minutes, data, messaging, and balance.

On the Samsung Focus “my Wireless” app only has 2 screens; summary and support. Under summary there is only billing cycle, anytime minutes, and balance.  No data or messaging!

Where is data and messaging?



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Re: AT&T “my Wireless” app

The WP7 myWireless app is laughable. It has half the features and rest of them just simply link to web sites. You are better served by go to AT&T web site directly.


On the other hand, the Android myWireless app is much more feature complete.


I had both and the WP7 app is waste of my time IMO.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: AT&T “my Wireless” app

Click the "Group" section, then click on one of your phone numbers.  You go to a Pivot screen where you can view your Minutes or your Data.  The Data tab shows your data and messaging usage.

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Re: AT&T “my Wireless” app

That works great!!


Thanks a lot!



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