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AT&T Software Update locked down


AT&T Software Update locked down

Did you all happen to notice that now that "AT&T Software Update App has been locked down to where you can't Force Stop, Disable or Clear Data anymore? I guess AT&T didn't like us resetting the software update app and decided to lock it down so we are forced to wait 24 hours?


With all the restrictions on our phones are we ever going to be able to take advantage of the full functionality OS upgrades?

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Re: AT&T Software Update locked down

They did. They did. I just tried mine and just like you said can't clear the data. I guess the jelly bean update was for that reason. They problem got tired of every body checking for the jellybean update every 5 min.

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Re: AT&T Software Update locked down

Funny how they surf the posts, pick up that useful tidbit and address it. Then we post a few legitimate needs/wants, like multi window and best face and get nothing.

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