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AT&T Smart WiFi may end up costing you plenty

AT&T Smart WiFi may end up costing you plenty

On the Atrix HD--and perhaps on other Android 4.0 devices as well--AT&T Smart WiFi repeatedly crashes, erasing hotspot definitions and leaving WiFi turned off.  This has happened to me a number of times.  Finally, when this loss of WiFi caused me to use up 1GB of  cellular data (watching a baseball game on At Bat 12), I force-stopped AT&T Smart WiFi, uninstalled all its updates, and then disabled it.

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Re: AT&T Smart WiFi may end up costing you plenty

I recently got a txt that I was going over on data usage, and upon investigation saw my data usage had gone from about 120MB/month to 143MB in THREE DAYS!  When I checked where all the data was going, found it was AT&T Smart WiFi !!  I had never used it before a few days ago, when I got notified an update was available & downloaded it, as it seemed like a great idea to SAVE data.  WRONG!


I just uninstalled it (to the factory version) since apparently I can't just take it off.  Hopefully this will resolve the crazy data usage.



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Re: AT&T Smart WiFi may end up costing you plenty

My son downloaded this app right before bedtime and overnight it ran up $60 in data overage charges.6gb OVERNIGHT! !!

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Re: AT&T Smart WiFi may end up costing you plenty

I called At&t and of course the customer service rep treated me like I was stupid and tried to define for me what WIFI was...Needless to say they were NO help

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AT&T Smart WiFi, battery and data drain!

I very recently bought a new AT&T LG G2 and have been enjoying the heck out of it and discovering its features. A few days ago though I noticed that the phone, which normally had a wonderful battery life, was draining very quickly and not charging as quickly as it had been. The battery even went into the red zone sitting in my pocket with WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and even cellular data turned off, after having been on the charger overnight.


Searching for the cause, I discovered that the largest consumer of my cellular data, more than twice the next app, was AT&T Smart Wi-Fi. That led me to discussions in this forum that said the same, that this app that supposedly was to help you reduce your data usage could actually increase it.


I also found discussions on technical forums targeting this app as a battery drainer (aha!) saying that it kept waitlocks (which prevent your device from entering power saving mode) excessively.


I have turned off Smart Wifi and my phone is back to behaving as it used to before I enabled this "feature".


And one more thing...? I had noticed for a few days that my phone was running warm in my pocket and I was not using it. That has completely stopped since I turned off Smart WiFi.


What a pig...! Wish I could uninstall this thing completely. Looking into rooting the device.


It is beyond me why carriers pollute their devices with useless apps that even make your device experience worse! This is supposed to make us feel good that we have an "AT&T phone"? :-p



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Re: AT&T Smart WiFi, battery and data drain!

Ditto your comments. Only Att would install an app that uses more data than it is supposed to save!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: AT&T Smart WiFi may end up costing you plenty

Yes. Samsung Galaxy3. Battery drain, dropping home wifi (tipoff that AT+T "Smart" Wifi was to blame when a friend with a Samsung G3 on TMobile had no such problems with my home wifi). Smart wifi sucked up 1.83 GB of data in background usage in 7 days. All solved by removing the app entirely.

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Re: AT&T Smart WiFi may end up costing you plenty

I had to disable the app also.  I noticed it used about 800mb of data last month.  why?  Also was killing my battery overnight it appears.  I'm still having issues with my Note 2 related to 4.3 update.


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Re: AT&T Smart WiFi may end up costing you plenty

Of the 8.5 gigs I used during my first month with my new Galaxy Note 3 6.5 gigs were used by smart wifi!!!!!

A techy would ask why is an application that is supposed to save you data by making sure your connected to wifi use ANY data.

The att support guy would ask if I want to upgrade my data plan because I am close to my 10 gig limit.

The optimist would apply for a job at att Mobil labs and negotiate a bonus for each customer that bought extra data because they used his smart wifi app.

A att rep would ask if he could forward you to the back desk support where it rings and rings but noone picks up.

The parent would ask why his teen used up so much data and ground the kid.

The teen would ask why he was being grounded because he Really didn't use all that data.

The dog would ask if you want to throw the ball again.

This ridiculous att smart wifi app is causing lots of people ( and 1 dog) to ask Lota of questions.

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