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AT&T Messages is screwed up in landscape mode! HELP!

AT&T Messages is screwed up in landscape mode! HELP!

HTC One, Android.


When using AT&T Messages in landscape mode, the right side of the keyboard is mis-interpreted by the predictive text tool.  


Here's what happens:  I type a message to my wife "I love you".  As soon as I type the letter "I", the predictive text bar assumes that I meant to type the letter "U". When I press the letter "I", the pop-up letter indicates that I typed the letter "I", but the predictive text shows "U".  Not only on the predictive bar, but in the body of the message as well.


When I type the word "love", the text message shows the NONSENSE WORD "kive".  


If I type the first letter "L", and select the letter "L" from the predictive text line, predictive text is turned off and I get exactly what I'm typing.


The hassle with this is that I type by looking at my fingers and confirming that the pop-up letters, which appear as I type, are the correct letters.  I don't look at the message until after I have typed it.  That's when I notice that what I typed, what I confirmed as I typed, is NOT what I wanted.


I have run the calibration routine several times.  It cannot be the calibration.  This is confirmed by my visually confirming the pop-up letters when I type.  The predictive type is to blame.


I have tried to delete and re-install AT&T Messages.  Three times so far.  It does not help.


How do I fix this?  This only happens in landscape mode.  In portrait orientation, the predictive text is correct.  There must be some sort of data file in the phone, somewhere, where this is stored. Can I delete this file?

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Re: AT&T Messages is screwed up in landscape mode! HELP!

I got it fixed!  (I hope)


This is how I did it, but I don't know if I cleared more data than I intended to clear.  FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS AT YOUR OWN RISK.  I AM NOT A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL.  I AM A MONKEY PUNCHING RANDOM BUTTONS TO SEE WHAT WORKS.


Settings > Storage > (...) > Sort By Name > HTC Sense Input >  Clear Data

(*See Note)


Bear in mind, at one point I cleared the data for HTC Sense and wiped out all the shortcuts and widgets I had so carefully arranged. That did nothing to fix my problem.  So I went looking for more things to clear.


After clearing the data for HTC Sense Input, AT&T Messages had to be reconfigured.  Yeah... maybe not the best approach, but what am I to do?  This app has the worst name.  Searching for help on Google leads no where.




It now works.  I can send love notes to my wife without looking like a (word filtered by the AT&T forum censor).



*NOTE: My use of "(...)" in the instructions is my best approximation of how to represent the context menu button.  You don't need to hit it and sort by name.  But there are a LOT of apps in there, and it makes it easier.

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