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AT&T Call Forwarding

AT&T Call Forwarding

I need your help.  I am having issues with call fowarding.  For almost 1 year, I have not been able to do "Call Forwarding"  I have a Galaxy 5.  I have read and read page in the owners manule to forward a call.  Needless to say, it still does not work.


Call forwarding

1. From the Home screen, tap ➔ ➔ Settings

Call Additional settings Call forwarding.  (In stead of Additional Settings I have More Settings)

2. Tap one of the following options:

• Always forward: allows you to forward all voice calls.

• Forward when busy allows you to forward voice calls to a

designated number instead of your voice mail number if you

are on another phone call.

• Forward when unanswered: allows you to forward voice calls

to a designated number instead of your voicemail number

when there is no answer on your phone. You can also select

the amount of time that the phone delays before forwarding.

• Forward when unreachable: allows you to forward voice calls

to a designated number instead of your voicemail number

when you are not in an area covered by your service provider or

when your phone is switched off


Always forward - Turned Off

Forward when busy - Forwarding to +XXXXXXXXXX

Forward when unanswered - Forwarding to +XXXXXXXXXX

Forward when unreachable - Forwarding to +XXXXXXXXXX


When I click on the Always forward, the next page does come up for me to add the forwarding number.  I put in the number and hit Turn On.  And this is what I get - Failed to read data.  Unexpected response from network.


So, I am asking ATT...............what is this issue???





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Re: Call Forwarding

Have you tried the following:


Turn Call Forwarding on and off
Main steps
You must be on your wireless phone to complete these steps.

Turn on Call Forwarding
To turn on Call Forwarding and send incoming calls to another number:
  1. Dial **21*, followed by the 10-digit number you wish to forward the calls to, then dial #. For example, **21*1235556789# forwards your call to 123.555.6789.
  2. Push the Call, Send, Talk, or Receiver icon.
  3. Your wireless phone displays a confirmation message when Call Forwarding activates.

Turn off Call Forwarding
To turn off Call Forwarding and stop sending incoming calls to another number:
  1. Dial #21#.
  2. Push the Call, Send, Talk, or Receiver icon. 
  3. Your wireless device displays a confirmation message when Call Forwarding deactivates.

Change Call Forwarding number
To change the number receiving your forwarded calls, first turn Call Forwarding off. Then, turn Call Forwarding on again using the new number.
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Re: Call Forwarding

This is what happens after I enter this code.


Call forwarding Connection problem or invalid MMI code.  unconditionally for All Basic Services.


What is next?

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Re: Call Forwarding

Go to  this web page to get the complete instruction including what to do if you get the invalid MMI code. 



I tried it myself just now and it worked getting call forwarded. I had a little problem removing the forwarding. I rebooted the phone a few times and got it cancelled.

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Re: Call Forwarding

After hours and hours of trying all sorts of suggestions from online (including the one you've suggested), I called Tech support and asked that they forward my calls to my Google Voice number "(1775XXXXXXX) in my case", with the following conditions. "No Answer, Busy, Unreachable" with 25 second ring time. (That gave me exactly 5 rings before going to voicemail). Worked perfect. Never did get Call Forwarding settings Ungreyed fixed on my phone, but this worked great.

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Re: Call Forwarding

I want to thank you all for all your advice with this matter.  I have read all your advice and to let you all know.  None of it worked.  No **21* then the number.  No Google Voice number.  NOTHING!!  So I gave it up.  AT&T does not have call forwarding for my phone or my account.  When I brought this up 2 years ago, none of the AT&T phones at the store in Oak Ridge, TN did call forwarding.  Only the IPHONE did work.  But I did not want that phone.  As I write this here, here is what I am doing.  I clicked the phone icon, then the three dots in the upper right hand side, select settings, select call, select more settings, select Call Forwarding, select Always Forward, then type in the number I want to forward too and select turn on, and this is what I get - Failed to read data.  Unexpected response from network.  So I give up.  Since this was not a big thing for me, I did not go to another company.  AT&T has been a good company for me since I started it back in 2006 after coming back from Iraq.  You would think that something this easy would be no troubles. 

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Re: Call Forwarding

When I travel out of the country, I always have all my calls forward either to my home number or my Google Voice number. I know using the phone settings worked for Galaxy S3, LG G3. Just to verify call forwarding works currently with AT&T, I verified both phone settings method and MMI method  with my Galaxy S7. There were no problems forwarding calls to my Google Voice number.

From your above posting, you did not do the MMI method completely. You have to dial **21* then followed by 10 digit phone number then # and call. May be you just omitted # and call in you post, or there is an app in your phone that prevent call forwarding from working.

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Re: Call Forwarding

I got this to work, but instead of starting with **21* I used *21*.  The instructions above have one too many *s

#21# turns off call forwarding.

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‎12-04-2018 9:53 AM

Re: Call Forwarding


Orange_Gear.jpgHi everyone,


We noticed an increase of views on this thread and wanted to address everyone's concern. Our customers are currently unable to activate or deactivate the Call Forwarding Feature. Not to worry, we are on it. 


Our network teams are working to address this as quickly as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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Re: Call Forwarding

Chris, has this issue been resolved? 

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Re: Call Forwarding

any updates on this.

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Re: Call Forwarding

AT&T!!  I posted this back in May 2016.  You replied that you were working on this issue in Dec of this year.  How long shall we have to wait for a function that should have been working all along??  If you were getting many notices and an increase of views on this thread.  Why is it taking so long to get this issue fixed??  A company as in AT&T should have had this fixed back when I reported.  I even went to your little out let stores and told them.  They told me there was nothing they could have done.  They were not even going to report it.  I even asked them what phone I could buy and have Call Forwarding work.  They said none of there phones did this function.  So, how much longer must we wait??



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Re: Call Forwarding

Really! You click on "Solved, go to solution" and you get don't worry we're working on it. I despise AT&T. I was already quiting, just wanted to forward my calls to my other phone on Verizon until I get my service switched on my AT&T phone. Yeah, I can do it another way but these people can not do anything right. You've lost a long time user. I'm embarrassed to admit I stayed so long. Last one out turn the lights out

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Re: Call Forwarding

Thanks for looking into this. I'm having the same issue:

BOYD - Moto 6G play

When trying to forward with *21*, phone displays this error message: "Connection Problem or invalid MMI code"

When I try to go into Settings/Calls/Call Forwarding or Settings/Calls/Additional Settings, the apps gets stuck "reading setting" and I can only clear it with a reboot.

Some other posts are mentioning Google Voice, but it is NOT installed on my phone.

Can you notify me when this is resolved?

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Re: Call Forwarding

I was told by an AT&T rep last month that the feature was disabled permanently by AT&T because of possible hacks and someone being able to gain control of your phone. They said you would have to call them with the number you want it forwarded it to and they would add it. That worked.

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