4G LTE data is overriding my WiFi


4G LTE data is overriding my WiFi

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note i717 (the first Note).


Just recently I noticed that my 4G LTE icon on the top of my phone's screen is showing up along with my wifi icon, and therefore my phone is running on the mobile data rather than wifi, which caused me to go over the stupid data limit and I was charged for a new data cycle.


Anyways, according to my phone, I AM connected to my wifi, (or any open wifi depending on where I am), yet my phone still is using the data.  The only way for me to use the wifi is to go into Settings > Data Usage > Mobile Data where I have to uncheck the Mobile Data box.  Then, I have to restart my phone in order for the wifi to pick up, even though the wifi icon is showing on the top of my screen. 


Then when I go somewhere where there is no wifi and I need the internet, I have to physically go back into the Settings and enable the mobile data connection.  Then when I get home (or wherever there is an open wifi) I have to remember to disable the Mobile Data, then restart my phone to use the wifi. 


THIS IS VERY ANNOYING, NOT TO MENTION INCONVENIENT.  This just suddenly started happening on its own a couple weeks ago. 


Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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Re: 4G LTE data is overriding my WiFi

Hi zeplans,


I apologize you're having these issues with your Note. I have saw this before in a few devices. Some things to look at:


  • Remove any apps that control data or WiFi
  • Remove any newly installed apps.
  • Remove the battery and and SIM card for about 5 minutes and then reinsert and power back on
  • Ensure you are within range of the WiFi network. Sometimes if your phone is not picking up a quality network signal, your phone may swich back to LTE.
  • Is your phone fully up to date with all software updates?

Also, I would suggest going to a local Comapny AT&T Store and getting a new SIM card, which can fix a lot of connectivity issues.


Hope this helps!

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Re: 4G LTE data is overriding my WiFi

I have a similar issue on my GS3 since the Jelly Bean 4.3 update.
WiFi won't even work anymore as long as mobile data is turned on.

Have to manually turn mobile data off/on to make WiFi work when you need it. Or to save the data usage.

AT&T Tech Support said they had other calls on this but have nothing to offer.
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Re: 4G LTE data is overriding my WiFi

I ended up having to do a complete hard reset.  There were other issues my phone was having as well, such as connectivity problems - for some reason even though the phone was showing I was connected to my WiFi I was unable to access the web or anything - no email, facebook, browser, nothing.  I would get a message like 'connection error', in which case I would have to power off the phone and restart it.  It seemed that between connection errors and switching back and forth between data and wifi all I was doing was turning off and restarting the phone.

I had connection problems with my last two smartphones as well and I had to do hard resets on them as well.  Probably at AT&T thing.  The salesguy at At&T was useless; all he wanted to do was sell me a new phone.


So anyways for now, it's working fine.

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Re: 4G LTE data is overriding my WiFi

I also went ahead and did a full reset and everything is good again.

Here's the way to do it.


Download Kies3 to your computer and install it.

Run it and back up everything in the phone.

Hard reset the phone.

When it comes back, don't put in any google addresses, emails, or wifi passwords.

Just get to the home screen.


Connect again to Kies3 and restore from the file you saved.


Your phone will come back to life and even the wifi passwords will be there.  Most apps will be current, some will have to update via Play store.


All texts are there too.

All custom ringtones and pictures as well.

However you will have to link the ringtones again.


Bluetooth is restored but would not connect to my car.  Had to delete the pairing in my car and redo it.


All in all, it took about 3 hours from start to finish.

But the phone is good, no problems.


Samsung and AT&T could save us alot of grief by avoiding this 3 hour step.

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