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2/2013 Got Pantech Flex AT&T update....


2/2013 Got Pantech Flex AT&T update....

I just received a system message on my phone saying there is an ATT update availalbe for my Pantech Flex.  I did the update, 12 MB, it rebooted my phone and showed 'updating 107 of 107 applications" but after the update I see no difference.  Anyone know what this update was about? 

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: 2/2013 Got Pantech Flex AT&T update....


Here's a link that you can access to get more detailed information about your phones updates. Software Updates

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Re: 2/2013 Got Pantech Flex AT&T update....

thanks for the link.  this explained that there was an update but did not detail what was included in the update.  only that it 'enhances performance'.  since my original post i have discovered that it re- installed all of the ATT bloatware that came with the device which I had uninstalled and now the update prevents the user from being able to un install this bloatware.  terrible update.  

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