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2.2 Out Now?


2.2 Out Now?

I found this article:




Anyone know if it will be pushed out for Captivate? I don't want to waste my "one time in 24 hours" check for an update to find out... Smiley Happy

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Re: 2.2 Out Now?

It is not "officially" an att build. Though it was leaked through samsung. You should always back up your data. When I did both instals all I lost were the apps but any paid apps u have u can get back from the market without paing again. It acts like a factory reset. But once I was back up I saw all my pics and music. You only lose whats on the 2g internal mem not the 16g internal. I hope this helped. Oh and if att ever does roll out 2.2 use the factory 2.1 file to go back so you can get it OTA
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