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Mobile Device FAQs


Mobile Device FAQs

Most commonly asked mobile device questions can be found within the Device "How-To" Videos section in the Business Community Video Library or the Phone & Device Learning Center


You can easily find answers for questions like;


Q- How to insert/remove the SIM card?



Q- How to add, remove or copy contacts?



Q- How to enable/disable security (password lock the device)?



Q- How to enable/disable Bluetooth?



Plus within the Phone & Device Learning Center, you can also find the user manual for your specific device.


Please also remember that the Business Community can also be a resource when needing assistance with a device.  You can always post you question and allow a fellow member of the Business Community to guide you with your device.


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Re: Mobile Device FAQs

S4 my email client allowes me to attach files to emails from any folder however when using web browsers and web forms when I click attach file I only get catagories like camra camcorder sound photos but not the folder option I need to attach and upload files like doc docx pdf xls etc...... how do I add the folder option to upload files to web interfaces?
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Re: Mobile Device FAQs

Are the missing options on a specific site or any site you try to attach files on? Are you able to attach those file types via a desktop?

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Re: Mobile Device FAQs

Dont have a desktop atm but they did work.
Any site in both chrome and foxfire, cannot find any option in browser to allow browsing of file file structure , I cannot find such an option in the phone os. I could do this on a previous version of android on an atrix by motorola. Its like the os is hiding access to the directory/folder. The only app that has access is the email client and the files folder in the applicatons screen.
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Re: Mobile Device FAQs

Thanks for sharing this information.

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Re: Mobile Device FAQs

The Web browser that is not aftermarket, EG came on the phone new does have access to the folders just not aftermarket browsers and these are the ones I need to use due to browser compatability issues.
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