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pay as you go


pay as you go

is there a plan or a way to only pay what i use, no need for unlimited anything. i only make 20 or 30 calls a year (dont live in the US), i use my ATT mobile device as a landline substitute. the number is used in a gated community and security requires a phone to grant access for pizzas, etc... i already pay $25 a month and use an other company for internet due to ATT slow landline speed in my area. if i stop my payment, will they cancel my number? it used to be my landline number and have been for 20+ years; i keep it for nostalgia, banks, stores, etc and don't plan on loosing it.  $25 a month doesnt seem much specially compared to what ATT used to charge me for a landline, still i see any number of cellphones for sale at convenience stores and prepaid airtime cards (no idea what they are). i want that, but with my phone number. i go only a couple of times a year to the US and prefer not to spend half a day at an ATT customer supoprt line/center/store. thank you for whomever can give me advice on how to achieve this.

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‎07-04-2018 6:08 AM

Re: pay as you go

Yes if you stop paying for it you lose it. You can switch to a $2 a day plan (only charges on the days you use it) and only have to pay $100 a year 

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