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AT&T Sales Representative Misrepresented His Sales


AT&T Sales Representative Misrepresented His Sales

After sitting six hours in the store because your 'systems weren't working.'




Your sales representative mentioned Black Friday sales, "Buy One Get One Free on a new Phone," as well as two Samsung tablets and two watches included FREE with a business account. So we opened a business account. The bill arrives and we are charged full price for both phones, both watches, both tablets, four phone numbers, and a property tax recovery fee (which is censored on a whole different level). After having spoken with the account representative over the phone just now, he says, no censored:


"No, what I meant is that you were free to leave the store, Not that the items were free."


Now, this is censored. We asked him twenty times if this information was correct, and every single time, he confirmed, BOGO on the phones, two free tablets, two free watches. The purpose of us being there was to lower our bills. (We were paying roughly $320 through Verizon and Mediacom Cable for services. He estimated the new bill at $270 total. We confirmed THIS with him several times.


So we decided to go meet your sales representative at the store and he says it's not possible because he has to leave early today.


You'll not get a dime from me unless this is resolved.

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Re: AT&T Sales Representative Misrepresented His Sales

This happen to me on the "Cyber" week sale... "Gifts of Galaxy"... Different Gift every day when you purchase a qualifying Samsung S8 Active, S9, S9+. I have been calling and fighting with Customer Support. Even have chat Logs. AT&T is Terrible!

Reference Number: 741506369167393765

DATE/TIME: 2018-12-21 09:54:30

Me : So how do I reference

ik2002 : Please do not worry, as you are eligible, you will get the gift.

ik2002 : You will be asked for the bill details and the account details.

Me : ok

ik2002 : The bill of the Samsung S8.

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Re: AT&T Sales Representative Misrepresented His Sales

Right, the same promotion is what this guy was pitching to me. I'm on with customer support about it now.

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Re: AT&T Sales Representative Misrepresented His Sales

Evidently, according to customer support, I am to pay the extended bill for the first month, then those funds will be returned to me as a credit on the next bill, then the value of each of these products will be credited on a monthly basis and applied to my account on each cycle.


I'm skeptical, because it's a total garbage way of doing things, but I'll bite the bullet this month and see what happens come February. It should be interesting.

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