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associates told me one thing and bill reflects another


associates told me one thing and bill reflects another

In the last month, I've been in contact with at&t several times to try and get a better service plan. I wasn't getting reception at work so they suggested a myfi hotspot. So I decided to get that, add a basic phone and up my data from 4 to 8 GB. And then up to 10gb the next month.
This is where I messed up.
The associate I was talking to. Seemed to have taken a liking to me and was saying he could get me another phone. And said my bill would only be around $190/month. So of course I was all for it.
After the conversation, I couldn't agree to the terms over the internet for technical problems on thier end. Not a problem. I had already e day been charged so I called the next day and it was squared away. Everything came in the mail but I chose not to touch the "extra phone"
Fast forward to yesterday. I called at the start of my billing cycle because I wasn't doing anything with that phone and wanted to make sure that everything went well in the transition.
Turns out, I couldn't give the phone back as it was automatically activated. BUT, the guy I talked to yesterday seemed to have taken a liking to me told me that he cut everything down to the 10gb, was a hundred, all phones at 15/month and the hotspot at 10/month. I was all for it.
Today, I called to make sure that the 10gb was still there as it didn't show on myatt app. They tell me my bill is 230 and I should have read terms and conditions.

Is there any recourse? I can't get out of my plan without paying 1085 dollars and they can't change anything except dropping me to 300mb for 185/month.

I want to keep the service the way I have it but that's too expensive. The associates that "helped" me essentially lied to me.

Any idea what I can do?
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Re: associates told me one thing and bill reflects another


Hi @Thomas661 


How many lines and what devices do you actually have? Is it a smartphone, a basic phone and and hotspot, three lines?


10GB is $100, then every device has an access charge (Link). A smartphone with a 2 year contract is $40, basic phone is $15 and the hotspot should be $20, so $175 plus tax. But it sounds like you have more than just those devices. is that the case?


Thank you,


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Re: associates told me one thing and bill reflects another

I have my smartphone on the old plan at 15/month and two smartphones at 40,
one of which I don't need. The best att has d poo be for me is offer me
credits and to drop a smartphone to a basic plan. I really just don't want
the additional line. I tried offering the phone back and everything
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