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Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?


Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

While updating Smart Limits today, I noticed the following line:


As of September 5th, Data Limits is being retired. Please do not set a Data Limit.


No reason was given.  My first thought is that ATT is hoping I go over my limit and have to pay for more data.  Any information on ATT's reasoning or plans to replace this feature would be appreciated.

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

I'll look at this Verizon option.  We transferred with phones fully owned and no contract.  Switch because att offered this data limit option which was VERY attractive to me so I didn't have to mess around with all the family accounts, monitoring, etc. and could allocate use among family members. Now will look to switch.  Also in communication with T-Mobile to see if they have plans to install towers in our area soon as they offer unlimited data options. 


Also I have a MAJOR issue about how this was handled with little to no warning.  They refunded the $4.99 I was charged and in the meantime family went over by $60 during our vacation when this was rolled out.  I consider this a customer relations catastrophe for att on my part. 

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation.


Customer support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, trouble shooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product.


Customer service may be provided by a person, or by automated means. Examples of automated means are Internet sites, automated service such as data limits. An advantage with automated means is an increased ability to provide service 24-hours a day, which can, at least, be a complement to customer service by persons.


Were you thinking of the customer when you decided to retire the Data Limits within Smart Limits? Or was this another executive and middle management level decision, by those who are so far removed from their customer base that they cannot connect the dots between the bottom line and customer service.


Were you thinking of the customer when you removed an automated service, and replaced it with a manual process? You placed the burden on your customers.


When the decision was made to replace the automated service with a manual process, did you consider the ramifications you have placed on your customers?


Did you think this decision was in the best interest of your customer? or the corporation?


T-Mobil provides this service for free, Verizon provides this service for $5.00 for all phones on the account, I bet there are other competitors who continue to provide this service to their customers.

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired

Thanks for the reply. So turning off data is ATTs 'solution'? Ridiculous. Fortunately I only have to buy out half my accounts to bail on you guys after this dishonesty.


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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired

Define 'soon'. So last night my kid was at a friends house and didn't connect to their wifi and sucked down a ton of data. I used to not have to worry about this. Now I get a notice that my friendly ATT service has charged me $15 for more data. Please explain to me how this is better for any of us besides ATT's billing?


Promised services ring hollow. Canned replies are getting old. Is ATT even listening? Is it a bot that replies with the same useless information?


Hard to see why we need to stay with this decietful company.

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

What the heck was AT&T thinking when they "retired" this feature??  The posts suggest that it was so important to loads of parents so we would not be charged hundreds every month when teenagers exceeded usage. AT&T told me that if I want data restrictions, I now have to monitor usage every month, and phone them when I want the data to be stopped.  Once I phone them, they will put a temporary restriction on our phones, but the temp restriction ends at the end of the billing cyle.  In other words, I have to do this every month.

Disgusted...I am definitely exploring other companies.  

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired

So the choice is that they lie or they are lied to.  Either way, this is ATT's way to increase revinues, of course, in one of the sleaziest ways possible. Go ATT 😞

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Re: Retiring data limits feature of Smart Limits

The alternative solution is moronic at best.  Sure, just turn off data.  Oh yeah, you need to monitor the usage to know when this is necessary.  I only went with this plan because of the smart limits plan.  Gee, I wonder if this means I can cancel my contract without ETF since they changed the deal.

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

So we switched from AT&T to T-Mobile in January after having been AT&T customers for over 10 years.  Prior to moving to T-Mobile, our kids did not have smart phones, but we got them iPhones when we moved.  However, the coverage with T-Mobile in our area is very inconsistent so we paid off the phones and decided to move back to AT&T, which along with Verizon, has the best consistent coverage in our area.  We thought you could actually split the 10 GB of shared data among the phone lines (as you can with T-Mobile), but no, it really is shared, but we were assured by the sales guy that there was a service you could add for $5 a month that would allow you to set limits via an app.  He didn't mention that it was $5 PER LINE nor did he mention the fact that DATA LIMITS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON THE SMART LIMITS SERVICE!  We would never have gone back regardless of inconsistent coverage.  Imagine our surprise and frustration after spending 4 HOURS at the AT&T store to switch back just to find that we were misinformed.  Needless to say, we are extremely unhappy and even though we literally just moved back to AT&T last night, we are going back to T-Mobile today even though coverage is not alway stellar in our area.  At least we can make sure we don't have any unexpected data overage costs.  (And I agree with other posters that kids need to know how to manage their data or they can face consequences - I just think AT&T needs to offer parents a more reasonable method for monitoring the data usage so as not to have data costs run amok.)  I shouldn't have to monitor data usage daily.  Obviously AT&T is once again too big and does not really care about the customer.  There are other carriers who at least seem to understand what customers want and are trying to retain customers and so they will get my business.  


I would switch to Verizon (and save a little money by doing so over AT&T) because they have good coverage here, but the phones we have are not compatible with their network and I would have to buy new phones and I don't want to do that.


Oh well, at least I will save about $40/month by going back to T-Mobile.  


If everyone who is unhappy with the changes that AT&T has implemented would switch carriers and dump AT&T, they might actually start to care about providing services that customers want.  People can complain all they want, but until they demonstrate their displeasure with their pocketbooks, companies are not likely to change.

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

Check out Cricket Wireless. Yes, they are owned by AT&T, so you will be able to use your AT&T phones on their service. But as a no-contract provider, they offer very competitive pricing for unlimited talk/text, and "limited" data.


The cool thing is you can buy a line with say, 3GB of data and give that to your teenager. When they run out, they get still get data - but throttled from LTE speed (8mb) to a slower speed (128kb). So, they still have data access, can do iMessage, surf websites, check e-mails, social media, etc... even stream Pandora at a lower speed. They won't be able to Facetime, and streaming video will be very slow. 




Pretty good deals there, for individual lines, as well as a "group save" deal that gets you 5 lines for $100, with 1GB of LTE data per line (NOT SHARED between the lines).


No, I haven't switched to it yet, but thinking this is a "solution" to a lot or people's issues who have complained about the AT&T Smart Limits change. 


Yes, this sort of keeps the business with AT&T, as they own Cricket, and yes - Cricket's offerings can change without notice. But if you don't like Cricket for some reason, you're only out 1 month of fee, and are not locked in, you can always move to T-Mobile or some other MVNO that supports GSM phones.


Hope this helps?

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

I guess AT&T's plan is working. My teen just rolled over her second extra
gig of data, so an extra $20+ for AT&T. I've been a client since the 80s',
but I'll be leaving soon. I don't care about early termination fees when
dealing with a bunch of crooks.
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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

I would have turn the data on the phone off after the first time.


Now I am using a data monitor on android.  It tells the kids and texts me there close to there limit.  I just go in and shut off there data.

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Smart Limits Complaint

I hope ATT enjoyed getting my extra money from my smart limits and getting data overage fees on top of that. I'm moving my account to Verizon since you're forcing me to give up my unlimited data to pay more for data overage for my kids. You will lose more customers than you realize.  Even your own customer service rep said you were "greedy" when I called. Now I finally have a reason to move, and my bill will be less on Verizon for more data!

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Re: Smart Limits Complaint

Bad move. All you're doing is hurting your customers while padding your pockets. Data limits was a great feature that saved your customers time, headaches, and money. Now your solution is to check your data using an app? What kind of solution is that? I'm now spending more time keeping track of my data and less time doing the things that are really important.


I'll be looking for another cell phone provider if this isn't fixed soon. 

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

Spent about an hour on the phone with AT&T today looking at my plans verus the MobileShare. By the way, it doesn't save me anything.  But in talking to the various reps, they are either stupid or they are trained to lie. One told me with MobileShare I wouldn't need Smart Limits because you can do everything it can do through the My ATT app. I asked if it could block numbers and set time of day and he said yes, which I know it won't do.  They just don't get it, or much of anything else.

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Smart Data Limits - Went from bad to worse

I have been a subscriber to the Smart Limits.  I have a teenage son, who uses allot of data.  He makes less than 10 phone calls a month.  ALL of his usage is from text messages (which we have unlimited) and data. 


I pay $30 a month for 3GB of data - thats already expesnive compared to world averages. 

In the past, I was able to set a cutoff limit for his data at 3GB. Once he reaches that he cant use data for the rest of the month.


ATT has removed the feature and repalced it with something that DOES NOT ADDRESS OUR NEED.  All I can do now is shut down data alltogether. I can not set a limit at which point phone will be automatically shut off from data/


ATT  - do you even consider your customers before you remove and roll out features?  Why Am i paying $4.99 for this service?  When I have to be the one to login and shut off data?  WHAT AM I PAYING the service fee for?



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