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Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?


Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

While updating Smart Limits today, I noticed the following line:


As of September 5th, Data Limits is being retired. Please do not set a Data Limit.


No reason was given.  My first thought is that ATT is hoping I go over my limit and have to pay for more data.  Any information on ATT's reasoning or plans to replace this feature would be appreciated.

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

I think AT&T is trying to pressure customers into joining their family value plan, or else risk data overages, which can be astronomical! We also have a teen and we've used smart limits to limit her data usage. I was told over AT&T chat that if we want to stop her from using data we have to physically bring her iphone into the AT&T store and they have to turn her data OFF. They said we can't turn it off or on ourselves. That is not an acceptible solution! She runs out of data every month and she has 3 GB to use. We have also been customers for many years and this is really upsetting. They suggested we change plans to the value plan for the family - I'm not going to change plans. They did say that AT&T is upgrading the smart limits plan, and the upgrade does not include a data limit but they are working on something else, they just don't have it done yet. I would like to hear something official from AT&T about a possible solution replacement to losing this feature.

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

Don't rejoin or upgrade until you her all the details. See "trapped" in the blog

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I for one will be cancelling and changing our service to...

I for one will be cancelling and changing our service to a different company. We had been very happy with AT&T for the first 8 years of service. The last year has been a different story. Seems like they keep making these changes sound like they are a good deal for "the people" just to turn around and stick it to you in another way. The only reason they are retiring this is to make us have to pay more money each month. Even if you try and control the data yourself, it will not work. I tried that before getting smart limits for my daughters phone. It is NOT completely accurate on how much data has been used. I also tried going off the 95% used text message, and would turn it off as soon as the text came thru. Still was being charged. When I called AT&T the lady said that it is a little behind so by the time I stopped it, she had already gone over with push notifications and or emails. Also, once you turn off the data manually, you can not receive picture messages either. Its getting ridiculous.
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Also, we have the family value plan. It isn't any better...

Also, we have the family value plan. It isn't any better when it comes to overages. It just means we all share the 15GB and so if one of us use 5GB, the rest of the family only gets 2.5GB. All it takes is for one memeber to go over their 2.5 and we get charged $15 per GB. Without being able to control your teens usage, you still have the same problem.
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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

How dumb is it for a communications company as large as AT&T to discontinue a program WITHOUT saying what the NEW program is? OBVIOUSLY they have a plan to replace the current program with something, but what it is they're not saying. All I can glean from the announcement is that once the current program is ended, you'll have all the same features as before but apparently no control over data usage. Sounds like it's purely an attempt by AT&T to make you unaware of exactly how much data is being used (because their data on usage is NEVER "exact") and hope that you'll miss any overage (that way they can just charge you for an extra GB of data at their whim). I've been with AT&T/Cingular and their predecessors since the first Motorola 'flip phone' (i.e. a brick!)....I will find a better deal elsewhere and they can eat the $300+ a month that I pay for 4 lines. Verizon is looking better all the time.

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no smart limits...what???

We r a family of 6..we have a teenage daughter who uses our shared data..but she doesnt share..she uses it we pay 4.99 for the shared limits amd its great..after 3 gigs she is cut off from mobile shared data...perfect huh?? I just got an email and att is stopping the data usage...WHY..finally we have something that works and att is stopping it...i dont understand..and yes i could monitor her and shut her off using my.att..i know..but why get rid of something that is working for alot of familys with teenagers
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Re: no smart limits...what???

How is AT&T supposed to collect extra data dollars if you manage your accounts so you don't exceed your monthly limit?!?! I'm sure the $160+/month they get from us is just not enough…
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Changes in Smart Limits Plan are AWFUL

I am very upset that the changes were made for the Smart Limits plan.  I have four phones on our plan and one of them is for our son.  We limited the data so he could still text pictures to his dad from Idaho (shared custody thing) and only allowed certain numbers to be called.  It was great because then we felt better about having a cell phone for a ten year old.  Now I had to have the data completely shut off to prevent him from over-using it and he cannot send picture texts either!!!  Sure he can call unlimited and text but no picture texts which is important to both of them.  Then the kicker is that I am still going to be charged $4.99 a month for that???!!!  I am livid over this.  I called and had a rep's supervisor tell me "oh we are coming out with a new thing that will be better soon..."  yeah right, if that were true why not just convert it over instead of screwing the customer?  I am glad I am not in a contract because I am close to switching if this doesnt get fixed.

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Re: no smart limits...what???

I just posted something on this too.  I am livid over it and they still are going to charge the $4.99 a month too???!!!  how is it smart limits when you cant limit anything?  I wonder if we can call the FCC and report this?  SOOOO MAD.

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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

you are mistaken on one aspect of your post.  You cannot change the data limits each month when it resets, you flat cant restrict data or limit data AT ALL when the change takes effect.  I just got off the phone with them and i am SO MAD.  and they still are going to charge the $4.99 a month too....

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Re: no smart limits...what???

Actually, my email said they would stop charging as of Sept. 5, end of current billing period.
With one phone beyond contract, and another in less than 2 months, I may look around at other carriers since I plan to buy two iPhones this fall. Or maybe I will see what prepaid phones provide.
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Re: Data Limits (a part of the Smart Limits) retires September 5

This is the email I received today.  I am NOT happy about this at all.  My son has an iPhone and it CONSUMES DATA like it's starving.  He has a 3GB plan and used it all within 10 days.  I just signed up for Smart Limits 2 weeks ago to control the data overage charges (last month was $50 over) and was not told at that time that the data portion would be discontinued.  I initiated a chat and was completely given the run-around, with no straight answers until 45 minutes into the chat, and even then was told the Smart Limits plan was being IMPROVED.  This is not an improvement.  The data limits feature was the only feature I needed, and now it will be GONE.

Can someone tell me if the iPhone will work fine with wifi only?  I understand he won't be able to use iMessage but what else will he be unable to use?  We have wifi at home and he has it at school.  


"On September 5, our AT&T Smart Limits service is changing, and the data limits feature is being removed. As a courtesy, we will add a $4.99 account credit by your October bill.

Any data limits you've set will be removed, and you'll no longer be able to set new limits. If you've set your data limit to 0 to block cellular data use, we'll continue to block cellular data use1 for you when we remove the data limits feature until you tell us to turn it back on. If you have a Mobile Share® Value plan, you also have the option to manage cellular data use for your devices at

All of the other benefits and conveniences you enjoy today with Smart Limits remain the same:

Block up to 30 numbers for unwanted calls and texts, including 411
Manage your texts and mobile purchase allowances that are billed to your AT&T account
Limit SMS, outbound calling and cellular data use during specific times of the day

Smart Limits will soon feature improved Web and app experiences, allow you to view call and text activity and customize alerts among other exciting new features.

To manage your existing settings, simply login to Smart Limits at

Thank you for choosing AT&T."



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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

I agree just a marketing ploy for new Family Value Plan and to try to generate more overusage fees. If ATT does not rethink retiring the data limits feature to Smart Limits we will be changing to Verizon.

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I'm so angry about this too! I had the truly unlimited da...

I'm so angry about this too! I had the truly unlimited data that I was reluctant to give up for our shared mobile plan. Just last month I switched with the caveat that I could keep my teenagers from using up all that data thru smart limits. I feel deceived. Why would they do this???
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Re: Why are Data Limits within Smart limits being retired?

To the Windows phone user up there, Depending on your phone It may be possible for you to update to Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview.  I was worried at first but it's not just for 'developers'.  I'm so glad now that I've done it and Data Sense is there!


However I am still screwed because my kid's lines, 1 is android the other iphone. 

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