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Update on receiving international calls


Update on receiving international calls

I live in Australia and when I try to call my nephew in the States, he won’t answer my call.  He sends me a message on Hangouts or Moxtra and tells me that he gets charged for those incoming calls.  We usually communicate via hangouts, but sometimes when I’m out and about, I just want to make a regular phone call to his AT&T mobile.  I have tried to tell him that he only gets charged if he makes the outgoing international call, but he insists that AT&T charges him either way.  I really find this hard to believe but I can not find a recent answer to this question.  The only answer to this (which by the way says ‘No, you don’t get charged for incoming international calls’), is five years old.  I don’t think he will believe an answer that is from that long ago.  Can u please give me an updated answer to this question?  He is a longtime AT&T customer and I’m sure has a good monthly plan with you.


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Re: Update on receiving international calls

Hello @Livin_in_Oz,

Welcome to Community Forums, I can relate to how important it is to stay in touch with relatives in this Global world.  

No, there is not international fees charged the only charge will be the regular minutes depending on the type of plan you have. Receiving an International call from outside the U.S to a mobile phone in the U.S. has no international charges.  Only the outgoing international calls are charged the international fee.

Here is an article which may provide additional information for you to relay to your nephew. The area which speaks of the international charge is INTERNATIONAL LONG DISTANCE.  This is at the bottom of the screen information.

Thank you for reaching out to us with this question.

Have a wonderful day.

Georgia, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Update on receiving international calls

You are not suppose to but AT&T will charge you. I got charged this month $4 per minute. I have never been charged before. They tried to tell me tough luck call the 800 number. Such a rip off. I honestly didn't even realize they were incoming calls. Sorry there is no way to block it you just have to know all the international codes and make sure you don't answer lol! Its a joke! 


So I am suppose to educate my family now which calls to answer. Imagine accidently answering and realizing its international and I would get charged 4 dollars for the 10 seconds before I hand up. Add 30 of those extra 120 bucks in AT&T pocket.

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