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Smart Limits for Blocking Calls - a $4.95 fee?!


Smart Limits for Blocking Calls - a $4.95 fee?!

So, AT&T wants to charge $4.95  a month for a service that Verizon and Sprint give away with ALL packages?   I think I just answered my own question...  time to leave AT&T.   Thanks for nothing after many years of sub-par service.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Smart Limits for Blocking Calls - a $4.95 fee?!

Actually you'd be looking at $4.99/month for Smart Limits and it provides you with several features beyond just blocking a number.  Detailed information on it can be found here.


Also, several newer phones have this capability built into them so that you do not have to pay for smart limits.  I suggest looking up your phone in device how to and determining if your model offers a free blocking option.

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