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Smart Limits & iPhone


Smart Limits & iPhone


I recently downloaded the myWireless Mobile app for my iPhone.  I didn't see a way to manage my SmartLimits from this app.  Am I missing something or is there another app needed to manage the SmartLimits - or can I only do that online?



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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

@dominiccoombe wrote:

Please please AT&T. Please provide an app or feature to be able to restrict the data useage of an iphone.

My son has an iphone and i really need to restrict his data useage.

I am sure its not that difficult. why are you so happy to restrict androind even when it has built in restrictions but do nothing for iphone which is ever so popular.


Part of the reason why you may not see an app with the full functionality you want is do to the way Apple designed the iPhone operating system (iOS).  The iOS does not let any third party applcation interact directly with the core OS functionality (including calls, texts, or data usage).  Only the core iOS applications are allowed to interact with the core OS features.  Since this restriction is in place at the OS level, it is hard for AT&T to write an application which will et you control the fuctionality of the core OS on your child's iPhone.  The best they can do is to implement restrictions at the remote/tower end of the communications channel which will prevent your child's iPhone from sending or receiving all texts, or all phone calls, or all data.  They can't easily discriminate some data, or some texts so it becomes an all or nothing issue.


Now with Android, the restrictions are not in place like that, and that is why you see som many different applications to help you with limiting the access.  You will also see that with Android, the lack of control over the interacting with the core OS features also tends to make the whole phone a little less stable, and more likely to need to be restarted more frequently.  I restart my iPhone monthly, whether it needs it or not, but many of my friends who use Android need to restart their phones on a weekly or daily basis to keep them working properly.  With iOS you tend to sacrifice a little functionality for higher stability.  Luckily it's up to you to choose which you want.

Jerry B.


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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

The easiest way to limit what you want her to do or anyone is that:

1.  reset the entire phone

2. Set up an Apple account for yourself

3. Set the iphone to your account

4. Set password to install apps

5. Don't give out password

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