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Smart Limits & iPhone


Smart Limits & iPhone


I recently downloaded the myWireless Mobile app for my iPhone.  I didn't see a way to manage my SmartLimits from this app.  Am I missing something or is there another app needed to manage the SmartLimits - or can I only do that online?



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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

You perform that function online from your myWireless account:


Where do I go to manage AT&T Smart Limits for my account?
To manage Smart Limits on your account, follow these instructions: 1.
Configure AT&T Smart Limits
Answer Click Manage AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless.
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

You cannot access Smart Limits for Wireless on the MyWireless App at this time. Please visit att.com/myWireless to log in to your account. Click on the ‘Manage AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless’ link under Quick Links at center right of page.


We hope to offer Smart Limits for Wireless account management through the MyWireless App in the future. Stay tuned for more information.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, or if maybe I'm just the last to know, but I wanted to let everyone know that Smart Limits will not work with iPhones.  It will limit neither phone nor data usage.


ATT - We customers need a service that will effectively limit the services offered on iPhones.  Talk minutes, text limits, and data limits need to be controlled seperately.

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

I agree.  This feature isn't doing me any good on my daughter's iPhone at all.  She gave her mobile number and her Facebook profile information out to her classmates and Smart Limits isn't doing a remotely decent job of restricting her access. 


I am fighting a completely losing battle.  I blocked 30 numbers but she still receives incoming text messages and incoming phone calls from the numbers on the list anyway.  As soon as I add a number to the blocked list, suddenly new numbers pop up like mushrooms in her call log.  The kids will just simply put down their cell phones and walk over to their parents' landline or use a friend's or sibling's phone to circumvent the block.  So I had to finally block *ALL* outgoing phone calls with the exception of 15 numbers so that at least she couldn't return calls from all these people.  Almost immediately, the kids bypassed this by switching to mobile Skype and Facebook chat, plus video chat on something called Oovoo.  Now I can't see a printout of the people she's talking to any more and her data consumption has gone through the roof since she got the iPhone.  I have the phone set to be blocked more than it is active, but she still seems to be able to use Wi-Fi to bypass all browsing restrictions.


It is cruel and ironic that I have had to resort to these harsh measures.  I actually got her the iPhone as a reward for her outstanding behavior and scholastic achievement.  Instead it has destroyed the peace in our household.  My daughter is a straight-A gifted honors student with a 98 average in all subjects and ranks in the 99th percentile of the state on standardized tests.  However, all the years she invested in her studies are in danger of falling to pieces. Her classmates' parents apparently ignore the round-the-clock abuse of their children's smartphones, using the devices as electronic babysitters.  Trying to inject the slightest bit of common sense has made me look like some kind of obsessive villain.  All I ever wanted was to keep our home relatively free of outside distractions so she can maintain her excellent study habits.


To sum it up, I'm angry that I have to spend this much time policing my child's use of her smartphone.  I thought Smart Limits would allow me some control, but when it comes to the iPhone, it has definitely proven a less-than-adequate feature and certainly isn't worth the additional charge on an already overinflated phone bill.  AT&T needs to go back to the drawing board with this feature in order to justify the expense and the effort involved in using Smart Limits.



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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

Yes, why won't Smart Limits work with the iPhone?  Apparently it used to, but it looks like AT&T stopped keeping up with the OS updates ... is there an app out there that will maybe do what AT&Ts Smart Limits doesn't?

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

If the WiFi on the iPhone is being abused at home, go into you wireless router settings and do various restrictions there.
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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

Disconnecting the router won't help because they still have access via the 3G network. I am also disgusted that Smart Limits does not work on the iphone. It was a wonderful tool with a non-smart phone.

The iphone is like teenager "crack" and our daughter's grades are dropping because she can't self-regulate as she should.

Our only alternative now seem to be to suspend service and that inconveniences us when we can't reach her.


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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

I am so glad I am not the only one with this problem.  I too bought an Iphone for my son, age 14 and the data usage has gone through the roof. I called AT&T an hour ago and guess what?  Smart limits won't help me at all with the Iphone...I took it away from him last night for not doing homework and now I can't reach him since I have the phone....I don't understand why these phones can't be monitored, so now I will give it back to him and add time of day restrictions for homework time, chores, etc.  I agree with the earlier post that I will probably spend most of my time activating/deactivating the time restrictions on the phone because of this deficiency in the smart limits system...he watched videos, streamed music and watched a movie and that sent me over the 2Gig in less than two weeks....I have zero control with the iphone....

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

If your child can't be responsible for their phone usage they don't deserve a phone to be honest
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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

Obviously you don't have teenagers!
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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

REALLY????  This is how an AT&T employee replies to one of their "valued" customers?  How about a proper response that actually shows that AT&T gives some small regard to thier customers   - something like "We are sorry for the inconvenience.  We would like very much to accomodate our customers' needs and we hope to have this feature back in the near future".  That would be a proper, RESPECTFUL response, but i am learning that is so not AT&Ts MO. 


AT&T is the one that put this Community Support Forum up. Did they think they would not get requests and complaints from customers as well as questions?  DId they not train their employees on what proper customer support actually is?  We have been with AT&T for over 6 years (why so long, i am beginning to wonder) and in the past usually didn't get this kind of rude response but it seems to be changing into the norm lately. 


By the way.  my Smart Limits feature also suddenly disappeared off my MyWireless login since we got the iphone for that line, but of course they continue to charge me.  Looking like a refund coming my way.


Please get it together AT&T.  Customers experiences with you have increasingly become very disappointing.

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

It has been absolutely unhelpful!  Att needs to fix the smart limit issues with the iphone - otherwise you should have the smart limits program for free because its literally useless if it doesnt work on the iphone.  AT&T is happy to sell our teenagers an iphone and we have to be the parents to keep watch over their content and usage - we cannot be constantly with those teenagers.  Please tell the smart limits developers that they need to get to work on this functionality of the iphone and its ability to bypass every restriction. 


Thank you!

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

I have found out the hard way that smart limits does not work for iphone data although the att sales people told us it would. After calling ATT about this issue and explaining that we were mislead by the sales people about the smart limits working for the iphone data usage the only answer I got was I had 30 days to return the phone and I could pay for more data. So now IM stuck paying for a phone with a feature I was LIED to about from an ATT sales person.

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

Children do not belong having iphones to begin with. Get them a crappy nokia or Samsung, they can get a iphone when they have a job and can pay for it. Just my 2cents.

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