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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone


Smart Limits & iPhone


I recently downloaded the myWireless Mobile app for my iPhone.  I didn't see a way to manage my SmartLimits from this app.  Am I missing something or is there another app needed to manage the SmartLimits - or can I only do that online?



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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

Listen everyone. None of you are addressing the real issue which is setting the iPhone restrictions directly within the phone itself. Just set the parental restrictions so they can't install any new apps. 


I have the AT&T smart restrictions set but also within the iphone I have safari, youtube, itunes, installing and deleting apps, explicit language, camera, facetime, email and multiplayer games turned off.


You just have to be smarter than your kid.

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

Exactly. Buying an iPhone for a teen so you can "get in touch with them" is like buying them a brand new Jaguar convertible so they can drive themselves to school. If your kid racks up $$$ in overages and you, parents, do nothing about it except complain about the bottom line on your bill, it's on YOU.


I ran into a similar situation when I put a family member on my cell phone plan. Big mistake from Day One. After receiving email notifications Every. Other. Day. that FM was surpassing her allotted data usage, the iPhone was replaced with a basic model that makes and receives calls/text messages. No guilt. None.


AT&T's initial solution was Smart Controls, and I quickly found out that this service did not work on the iPhone. I was then advised to upgrade my data plan. Given the level of overages FM had, I would have had to upgrade to unlimited, and I can tell you that was not going to happen. Because I cannot afford it, and I know this.


I use *maybe* 20 percent of my data plan each month, so prudent people can stay within their usage amount. But one thing this has taught me is that when someone isn't paying for their own cell phone service, they can and will take advantage of it. If your kid wants an iPhone so they can download apps or play around on the Internet, tell them to get a part-time job and pay for it themselves.

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

Go to walmart and buy a go phone for $17. Then you can talk to them and not have to pay for the extra data package just the $9.99 add a lines until the kids can obey their parents.

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

The windows 8 has smart controls 


Safety first


Windows 8 comes with parental controls that enable separate user accounts for each kid in a family on which parents can impose separate restrictions. So, for example, different children can be allowed more or less time playing "World of Warcraft," according to the Building Windows 8 blog.


The monitoring and control capabilities -- what Microsoft calls family safety features -- also generate reports about what each child has been up to online, including time spent online broken down by days, top applications used, websites visited and searches made.


It's a one-way street; the kids can't access parents' emails and can customize their own accounts, within restrictions, without affecting their parents' settings.


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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

Wow and you guys are the adults??? Whats funny is those same kids you're saying shouldnt have phones that THEIR PARENTS bought them probably know more about how to block and unblock the controls better than all of you lol. And honestly this isnt about children what about the GROWN adults like myself who have an iphone and WORK FULL TIME to pay the i dont know $150 a month (not including the two-three hundred bucks for the actual iphone) for the services? I think if im paying $200 bucks for a phone and an additional $150/mo for the services i should at least have the same service available to me and my iphone that the person with the crappy nokia has..bet that crappy nokia wasnt no $200 so whats special about that phone?? and cmon people 41-50% (2011) of ADULTS own iphones so dont you think it would be beneficial not only for the customer but for ATT"S business as well to put a Smart limits plan together for the iphone users?? um yeah it would and it doesnt matter who or what age of person has the darn thing..last time i checked PARENTS have rights as well as responsibilities..its their god given right to purchase whatever the they want for their child in addition to that one of their responsibilities is to protect them...all a parent wants for their child is safety and these days it is IMPERATIVE to have those Smart Limit services no matter what phone you or your kids have especially considering how much the iphone costs...i mean seriously as much technology as we have in the world these days and u cant even create a parental control plan for the most purchased/used phone in the US? oh no..never that but they can set up data plans that cost even more then the old plans?? Seems pretty ignorant and cheap on  ATT's part. Oh and PS..all of you people on here hating on kids and teenagers..listen just because your parents didnt care about you and your safety and couldnt afford NICE  things when you were young doesnt mean EVERYONE has to be cheap. This is  probably why the older generation is so rude, stingy, and opinionated..{word filter evasion}..and trust me we all have one already we do not need yours..[Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

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Former Employee

Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

Smart Limits feature does not work on smart phones. The are plenty of phones that can be used for texting and calling and are non-smart phones. You can always add a data block and a purchase blocker. Apple products have options for parental controls as well. Smart Limits can still be used to set time if day restrictions as well as setting a list of allowed numbers. Unfortunately, those are the only options at this time.
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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

ATT should do more for us {word filter evasion} off and at wits end for all this B/S that they charge us for.........comon sense ????
Do any of your programers have some?

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

I am 50 years old and used to build my own computers when you prolly weren"t even born yet.........
Smart limits sucks and you know it...!!!!
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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

My kids will have the latest tech. tools........
There is a huge safety benefit and they will excell over all other kids that limit knowledge ............
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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

Still paying for services that dont service ???
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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

I found an app on the Android called cBlocker. It let's you create a black and white list for phones and SMS messages. That way you can at least limit somehow your calls and texts. It also lets you control other phones remotely Smiley Wink

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

greatest feature on Samsung Galaxy Note is the reject feature..automatically blocks all unknown callers and i can manually add numbers that bother me. Every phone should have this feature.

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

So far, all SAMSUNG phones in our family have had individual no. blocking, as well as Unknown Caller blocking.

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone -- the solution is in the iPhone under Settings & Restrictions

Hi All,


I have been encountering the same issue myself the past few days. I have a 15-year-old girl with a new boy friend, so.....you all know the deal of uncontrollable texting, Internet, games, video during class time, study time and in the middle of the night. Smiley Mad


I have had "Smart Limits" on my daughter's phone for years with great success in teaching her how to control herself until (drum roll) the IPHONE!!!!Smiley Surprised


I chatted with AT&T yesterday about the exact same problem everyone here is having and got the same answers. Luckily I am a "techy" Librarian and all-around software nerd who knows Apple products & features quite well. So when I physically confiscated her phone yesterday I found the solution I think will work work you as well:


The restrictions for the iPhone are to be set within the iPhone itself -- not via AT&T. Think of the iPhone as being a mini laptop or computer because it is. So to set parental restrctions you must do it on the device itself. It is the same as you need to use "Windows Essentials"/"Family Safety" (or McAfee, etc.) on Windows 7 and on Macs parental controls on the computer your child uses. The service provider for parental controls (for me, that is Optimum) is not the place to go for iPhones.


Anyway, once you manage to get a hold on your kids' phone you need to go to Settings. From there you can add "Restrictions" and add your own 4 digit password just for restrictions on their iPhone. You can delete any apps (the apps to get around texting is a texting app!), FaceTime, Wif-fi, all games Chrome, Safari, Google, the camera & Camera Roll -- ANYTHING. You can "freeze" the apps they have, eliminate them & prevent them from getting more apps --including free apps. DON'T FORGET to shut off Bluetooth as them can get apps from their friends via Bluetooth.


It works. If looks could kill I would be dust Woman Surprisedby the one my daughter gave me when nerdy mommy outsmarted her, but she has finals coming up and her getting into a good college than her being an impulsive, angry teen at her Mom right now. So now Smart limits work just as well as they did before -- time of day, blocked #s, etc,


Here is a list of How-To resources on you can go to for assistance:


Easy "How-To" Articles:












 We have the iPhone 4 but I am certain it will work with others. Also Apple is EXTREMELY customer friendly and is wonderful in assisting with any issues.


So Smart limits do work with iPhones -- it is just that teens are savvy enough to use apps & iPhone features to get around them.


Good luck fellow worn-out parents!!!!Smiley Wink


Let me know if it works for you -- I am genuinely interested.


My only advice for AT&T is that I wish you would post a little paragraph, including the link above (or a better one) to Apple explaining that restrictions can be done on iPhones but it must be done within the iPhone.

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Re: Smart Limits & iPhone

I completely understand. my 15 year-old daughter is pushed ahead 2 years and I got her the iPhone with our upgrade for $0.99 with the upgrade as a "reward" for being responsible as well. In the one month we have had the device peace turned to chaos. But they are teenagers and, according to current studies, CAT scans of their brains are similar to adults with brain damage (NY Times article about 3 years ago).


Anyway, There will be teen-age sulkiness but I found a way to spend less time policing and fretting so I just posted it in this string. The answer is in the iPhone itself -- I posted 6 links on how to set it up. No my daughter's iPhone is "just" a cell phone.


I do think AT&T needs to provide this info concerning iPhones and similar devices more prominently on their site with links of how to do it. Perhaps we can advocate for that.


Best of luck to you!!!Smiley Happy

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