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Replacement phone warranty question


Replacement phone warranty question


  Let's say I get my phone replaced under warranty after 6 months of purchasing my new phone -- will the warranty be extended to the remaining 6 months on the replacement phone or will it just come with 90 warranty? Also suppose my phone gets replaced under warranty towards the end of the 1 year period, will the replacement phone come additional 90 day warranty past the 1 year period? Are replacemt phones the same as ATT certified like new phones? thanks

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Re: Replacement phone warranty question

Refurbished phones carry a 90-day warranty, regardless of when you purchased the "new" phone.


Not sure if the refurbs are same as "certified like-new", but I think they are the same.  They are warrantied phones that have supposedly been repaired.  I've seen various reports where some are almost indistinguisable from new, while others are dinged up and even have some type of malfunction, and needs to be sent back in.  Its really just luck of the draw.

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Re: Replacement phone warranty question


Hello docsho,


A replacement phone with either carry over the original warranty expiration date or 90 days, whichever is greater, so your understanding is correct.




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