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For the most part delayed billing for international voice in countries like Europe, India, Mexico, I would say are in within 1-2 weeks and you can ask when your last unbilled call posted. If it matches with your records, remove the feature. Data chrgs do come in quicker, maybe 2-5 days. You do have the option of standard (no monthly recurring charge) rpm also, it depends on your calling needs. International data features can be added and/or backdated for current bill cycles if you didn't add or need to get a bigger feature (4 now available 20MB, 50MB, 100MB & 200MB), all int'l features are prorated, data and mrc's, that can be added and removed as needed (no ETF).  At&t is updating and informing customers all the time to avoid sticker shock int'l data charges. There have been alot of changes in the last 6 months with International data features, at the beginning of 2008 there was 29 "Select  Countries" now there are 68. There was only 1 PDA data feature available 20MB/24.99 mrc now there's 50MB/59.99 mrc. Blackberrys couldn't add these features, now they can.
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