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International Service

We are traveling in Europe, now France. When I exit Airplane mode, my iPhone always displays No Service. I added Intl calling before leaving. How can I make occasional calls while traveling?

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Re: International Service

Does it work at other places but not in France? You may need International Roaming.
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Re: International Service

We had the same in London. Yep, that was it.

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Re: International Service

Sometimes international roaming isn't activated even though they think it is. The glue between the two computer systems basically comes "unglued." You need to call international customer support . Their number is +1-916-843-4685. If you give them a number in France, they will call you right back so you are only out a one minute call. Alternatively, if you have good internet access, download Skype and sign up for an account. You can call US 800 numbers for free. Their 800 number is +1-800-331-0500.
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