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Does the 25 cent a minute go phone package include free mobile to mobile?


Does the 25 cent a minute go phone package include free mobile to mobile?

I recently had to switch to the 25 cents a minute plan on the go phone after being on the 10 cents a minute/$1 a day plan because apparently it no longer exists, but I only really use my phone for texting and hardly for talking, so I was wondering if the 25 cents a minute plan includes free mobile to mobile? It did on the 10 cents a minute plan, it was just $1 each day you used your phone then each minute was free making any calls to other AT&T subscribers. When I was signing my husband up for the 25 cents a minute package on the computer, it did say it was $1 a day each day you use the phone for mobile to mobile just before hitting submit, but I can't seem to find that writing anywhere else anymore after researching, so I just want to make sure I wasn't misreading anything, thank you.

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Re: Does the 25 cent a minute go phone package include free mobile to mobile?

Hi Tigerl18


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to the Community Forums! There are two separate pay-per-use GoPhone plans, which are as follows:
$2 a Day: this plan charges $2/day only on days the phone is used.
-Includes unlimited domestic calling
-Includes unlimited domestic SMS (text) and MMS (picture/video) messaging
-Includes unlimited SMS (text) messaging to Mexico and over 100 countries
-Data is charged $0.01/5KB, or purchase 100MB for $1/day
$0.25 a Minute: this plan does not charge a daily access fee—one simple, flat rate anytime.
-Calls are $0.25/minute
-Sending/receiving domestic SMS (text) messages are $0.20/message
-Sending/receiving domestic MMS (picture/video) messages are $0.25/message
-Data is charged $0.01/5KB
-In lieu of pay-per-message rates, you may add an additional messaging package, which includes SMS and MMS:
                -200 messages for $4.99/month
                -1,000 messages for $9.99/month
                -Unlimited messages for $19.99/month
I hope this helps clear things up. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.
Rachel A
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Re: Does the 25 cent a minute go phone package include free mobile to mobile?

I am confused - why dont you guys post the following expiration rules with the above?


Why would you add an expiration to the refill amount? I was confused why i have no balance when i used my phone just 1 day. most people get the go phone for emergenices so now cause of your sneaky "expiration plans" I have to plan ahead?


Add money to your AT&T GoPhone account with a Refill Card or by using your debit/credit card or checking account.

Refill expiration is based on your refill amount:
· $10 - $24 = 30 days
· $25 - $99 = 90 days
· $100 = 1 year

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