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Data Tethering in Azores, Portugal


Data Tethering in Azores, Portugal



I will be traveling to the Azores, Portugal later this year and I had a question that the Support staff could not answer with 100% certainty.


I currently have a tethering plan through my Domestic Plan in the US, but I was wondering if I will be able to use the tethering capability when I travel to the Azores. The AT&T staff member indicated that they do not have a list of which countries support/don't support this feature though he was optimistic about it working. I just thought I'd better turn to the community to see if there was anyone who had any experience doing this.


My main concern is that I will have to work from the island of Terceira for about two weeks, but the place where I'm staying (a private residence) may not have internet service of any kind, which means that I needed to look for an alternative and the tethering option seemed viable, though expensive. I'm not sure what the prevalence of WiFi is in Terceira either: cafes, etc., which will let me work for long periods of time each day.


However, if the tethering over cell data works, I'll go for it.


Thanks in advance for any information anyone can provide on this topic!



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Re: Data Tethering in Azores, Portugal

Portugal is included in our International Messaging and Data package 


Since you already have a tethering plan, all you'll need to tether internationally is add the Data Global add-onWhen you're tethering while in an included country, the data used while tethering is applied to your Data Global add-on MB allowance and associated overage rate.


Here's more information about adding the Data Global add-on -


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